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Zulily Credit Card Payments

The Zulily credit card is good for store-branded credit card finance by Synchrony Bank. It is a card for regular customers at Zulily stores. Using this card, you enjoy a lot of seasonal exclusive offers, pay no annual fee, and get a $15 discount on your first purchase. If you would like to have this credit card, just read this review carefully and you will get all the necessary information.

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Facts About Zulily Credit Card

  • Gives you a $15 discount on your first purchase.
  • It has no annual fee.
  • This is a good card for regular customers at Zulily stores.
  • It has an unsteady purchase APR of 620 – 850.
  • With this credit card, you will get seasonal exclusive offers.
  • Also, you can pay your credit card bills using Smart-Pay.

As You can see that this credit card is a store-branded credit card that has no annual fee but comes with a high interest rate, which is up to 27.99%. Also, this credit card is not connected to any other network ( like MasterCard or Visa) that is to say, that it can only be used at Zulily stores.
Though, this credit card does not offer any rewards or bonuses. But it gives customers access to seasonal offers and deals and allows you to use Smart-Pay in dividing your payment into three parts. So, if you like to make expedient purchases at Zulily, then apply for this credit card.

Our Views

As mentioned earlier,  this credit card does not have many rewards. So, if you are looking for a credit card that will give you cashback and other rewards, you can consider other credit cards.

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  • It gives you a 15% discount on your first purchase.
  • No annual fee is required.
  • The application requirements for this credit card are low.
  • Also, you can enjoy exclusive offers and deals with this card.

Disadvantages of Zulily Credit Card.

  • It can only be used at Zulu stores.
  • It comes with very few rewards or bonuses.

How To Apply For Zulily Credit Card.

For those who wish to apply for this credit card, the application can be completed online.

Therefore, go to the homepage of this credit card, where you will see the credit card page of this brand. So, click on the “Apply Now” button to continue.

The application form is on the next page. Complete it by submitting all the required information.

As soon as you are through with the form, scroll to the end of the page and click on “Continue”.

On the subsequent page are varieties of credit cards, make your choice and click on “Continue”.

Surely, you will get the result of your application after submitting it. The bank may need more time to consider your application if you did not get the result of your application.

Zulily Credit Card Login

With your online account, you can carry out specific tasks such as checking your balance or making a payment on your credit card. Therefore, you must log in to your credit card account before you can carry out any of these tasks.

So, you are to first visit the homepage of this credit card from Synchrony. When you get there you will see an online banking form of which you are to complete, on the left-hand side of that page.

Then, complete the form. You are to first give your username in the required field.

Now, input your password in the text field.

If you want to, you can tick the box next to “Remember User ID” so that your username can be saved for future use.

If you are through submitting the required information, just click on “Secure Login”.

Provided that your details were correctly given, you w

Alternatives to Zulily Credit Card.

Here, we shall be comparing this credit card with other cards that give enough rewards or bonuses and can be found in the market.

So looking at The chase freedom card is a good credit card that is issued by Chase Bank.

As a matter of fact, it is a good alternative to the Zulily. This card comes with a lot of rewards or bonuses; like the cashback rewards which do not expire provided, your account is open and its rewards can be restored.

Not like the Zulily credit card that offers very few rewards which expire after some time and its rewards cannot be restored.