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Zale Credit Card

Zale Credit Card is a store-branded card. This card is also issued by Comenity. Luck for the users of this card, they are given discount on their birthday, and goods are being sent to the customer at no cost; that is free shipping.

However, this card offers no rewards.
Zale Credit Card and having a Zales credit card account online makes it very easy to make payments of bills online or even at

Many great offers come with this card for those who shop regularly for items or any of the things in Zale stores.


Zale Credit Card

Zale Credit Card

High Points

  • It gives users special discounts on their birthday.
  • After purchases, goods are being sent to cardholders, without them paying a transport fee.
  • Users are given a 10% discount on repair service as they enjoy their card.
  • It offers special financing on certain purchases

Low Points

  • It cannot be used elsewhere except at the Zales store.
  • This card has a high-interest rate.

Can One get the credit card with bad credit?

There is no spelled out rule on if they accept an applicant with bad credit. For sure this card really is a Store credit card which is often easier to obtain than open-loop cards

Where can I Use the Zale Credit Card

As a store-branded card, the card is issued by Comenity Bank and not affiliated with Visa or MasterCard. So based on this It can only be used at Zales Stores or at

Zales Credit Card Features and Rates

  • It offers a 10% discount on repairs done.
  • There is no interest charged on all purchases when payment is made in full within the 6 months, 8 months, or 18 months period
  • The annual fee is $ 0
  • There is no reward for its users.
  • Users are to pay a returned payment fee of $39.
  • There are no yearly rewards limit, cash sign up bonus, and maximum reward rate on purchases.
  • It has a late payment fee of $39.
  • This card has an unsteady purchase APR of 29.99%.
  • There is no yearly fee.
  • Sadly, users are given a no introductory rate on fresh purchases. instead, it offers a 9.99% intro APR

Like some scorecards, this card gives an account of your financial activities to the three credit card bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian).

Zales Credit Card Apply

The application procedure for this card is simple. You just have to first of all. Navigate to the Comenity website.

And on the application form which appears, you are to give all the requested personal information.

After that, read thoroughly your details and correct any mistake then, finalize the procedure by submitting your card application.

  • Go to the site and click on the Apply Now tab
  • Type in your personal data into the application, starting with e-mail, name, home address, and home phone number
  • Enter the required financial information like annual wages other annual income e.t.c
  • Next is to provide your personal security
  • Accept the terms and click the “Continue” button at the end of the application. You have to wait for

Zales Credit Card Login Guide

Step 1 – Go to the website.
Step 2: Enter your User ID and password. You can then access your account details, you will have access to all functions of accounting.

Forgotten Login Details

Click on the appropriate link to get a new password, afterward enter the card number, name on the credit card, and the last 3 digits on the signature panel.

How to Activate

Go to the homepage then click on Register.
Enter all the required verification details needed from the card number
to name on the card, the last 4 digits of your social security card the primary cardholder
Email Address and other necessary info.
1 (800) 586-6923

Mailing address: P. O. Zales Credit Plan Box 653054 Dallas, TX 75265-3054

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