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West Elm Credit Card Review [ West Elm Credit Card Login | Apply Now ]

West Elm Credit Card Login

The West Elm credit card is a retail store credit card and as a store card, it can only be used at West Elm stores, websites, and on their catalog. Take note that the card cannot be used at Pottery Barn, PB Teen, PB Kids, or Pottery Barn Bed and Bath.

Another major thing is that though the APR of the card is high, You stand the chance of getting benefits when you shop regularly at West Elm

As a good store-branded credit card issued by Comenity Bank. It is a card that has no annual fee, with a 10% cashback on all purchases made at West Elm store and a $25 bonus on the customer’s birthday.

Truly, this card gives it’s customers the opportunity to take advantage of numerous benefits at West Elm stores. If you wish to apply, make a payment, or log in to your card account, just go through this guide.

This is a store card issued by Comenity to those with a poor credit score. It demands no yearly fee, gives no cash loyalty bonus, and sign up bonus but, assist customers who wish to increase their credit score.

As a store-branded card, it cannot be used elsewhere so, you can enjoy your card only at West Elm stores. This article contains the basic information about this card so, proceed.
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West Elm Credit Card

West Elm Credit Card


  • This credit card gives a 10% cashback for all purchases made at West Elm stores.
  • With no annual fee.
  • It is an excellent card for West Elm customers who wish to have good rewards.
  • A credit score of 620 – 850 is recommended
  • The purchase APR for this card is 28.34 % or an APR of 29.24%. There is an unsteady purchase APR
  • You are given the option of  0% interest for 12 months on a made purchase that is $750 or above or a 10% “cash” back on every other purchase.
  • This card gives no cash loyalty bonus.
  •  You can enjoy your card without paying a yearly fee.
  •  Users cannot be given an introductory rate on fresh purchases.
  •   This card has no cash sign up bonus, yearly reward limit, and maximum reward rate.
  •  There is a late payment fee charged at $38.
  • The returned payment fee for this card is charged at $38.
  •  As a matter of fact, it gives an account of your card (financial) activities to the three credit card bureaus.
  • For this reason, you are to use your card wisely so, that your credit score can be increased.
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For you to apply for this credit card, you must have a credit score of at least 620. As mentioned earlier this card is for frequent shoppers at West Elm stores and comes with no annual fee and unsteady interest charges.


Gives a birthday bonus of $25.
New Applicants are given a welcome bonus of $50.
This card gives special financing to its customers, for up to a year when they make purchases of $750 and above.

This card gives a lot of rewards and bonuses more than any other branded store credit card, of which we can see in its features. But I will like us to consider the special financing offer that permits you to get a loan without paying any interest for up to a year.

Therefore, to take advantage of this offer you are to pay completely for a purchase of at least $750.

Why Get This Card

The West Elm credit card gives a large cashback of 10%. Not only that, but it also provides special financing for those who want to make large purchases without an interest charge. And is highly recommend for all West Elm customers.
Gives birthday and registration bonuses.
Most especially it provides special financing for anyone who applies.
With this card, users can increase their credit score.
It demands no yearly fee.

Any Drawbacks

The cashback can only be restored when you spend $250.
This card can only be used at West Elm stores.
It has a high-interest rate.

Applying for West Elm Credit Card.

If you wish to apply for this credit card and enjoy it features, just go through this and you will be able to successfully apply for this card. But this is to be completed online.

You are to first visit the homepage of this credit card, which is at the Comenity Bank webpage.
When you get there, just click on “Apply” which is located at the top of that page.

As soon as you click on this button, you will have access to the application form of this credit card. At the top of that page is the terms of this credit card and you are to read it.

Now, start to fill the application form. First supply your personal details such as first and last name, social security number, date of birth and annual income.

Then, give your contact information and this should include your address, zip code, email address, and your phone number.

Also, you can add an authorized user, that is someone who can make purchases using your card. So, for this just click on the “Yes”  button below the “Add Authorized Buyer”.
Finally, you can click on Continue.

With this, you must have completed the application procedures and on the following page is the result of your application. If it is not this way, know that the bank requires some days to consider your application and send you an approval confirmation

West Elm Credit Card Login

You are to register for online banking on the Comenity Bank website once you have gotten your own card. Because when you login, you can access your online credit card account and carry out specific tasks such as: checking balance or making payments on your card.

To log to your card account, you are to first go through the homepage of this credit card.
When you get there you will see an online banking form of which you are to complete, on the left-hand side.
So, start by submitting your username in the first field.

And the password of your online banking account in the next field.
If you wish you can tick the box next to “Remember Me”. To save your username for future use.
Then click on the Sign In so as to submit your form.

If you have followed the above guide and have correctly supplied your details, you will get access to your credit card account. And you can now perform some tasks you wish to use your account.

Making  West Elm Credit Card Payment.

If you wish to make payments, do not be so disturbed on how to do that. Because there are two ways in which you can make your credit card payments. And I will be very happy to give them to you.

The first and easiest method is via online banking. To do this just follow the “how to login” procedure to access your online account. When you get to the online account you will be able to make your payment.

Another option is by phone call, simply call this number: 1-800-695-3988, using your phone and make known your wish of making your credit card payment. Then follow the instructions given to you.

Alternatives to West Elm Credit Card.

Although the West Elm Credit Card is a nice card for regular shoppers at West Elm stores. Even the 10% cashback given for purchases cannot be compared with the cashback of any other card. But we have here other good cards with good features.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Vs West Elm Credit Card.

This credit  card has a purchase APR of 16.74% to 25.49%
It demands no annual fee.

No introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for a year and three months is requested
A credit score of 690 – 850 is highly recommended

Provided that your account is open they cashback given to you will not expire.
There is no minimum amount to restore your cashback.

This is an excellent card for customers who are in need of good rewards for every purchase they make.
Also, it has an unlimited cashback bonus of 1.5% for every purchase made.

Though the West Elm credit card gives a 10% cashback of which it is hard to find any card that gives such cashback if there is any card at all that does this. but this reward expires in 45 days if it is not restored.

While the Chase Freedom requires no annual fee and still give other rewards. Notwithstanding the fact that the cashback reward to be given for every purchase made is 1.5%.

But this reward will not expire provided that your account remains open. And this does not demand any amount to restore your cashback rewards.
In conclusion, you can apply for the West Elm credit card if you wish to make purchases regularly at West Elm stores.

If not so, you can apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card that gives a lot of rewards and offers a longer financing period to its customers. Also with the Chase card, you will be given cashback on all purchases no matter the store you purchased the goods from.


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