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Tips To Victoria Secret Credit Card Login/Payment

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

Introducing the Victoria Secret’s Angel Credit Card

Key Facts About The Victoria Secret’s Angel Credit Card

This is an awesome credit card most especially for customers who are frequent in purchasing women’s bed wears. Victoria Secret Credit Card has a good and generous rewards system for its customers as well, but there are restrictions to wear the card can be used. It is recognized only at Victoria’s Secret and Pink stores and their official website. If you’re someone who detests balance carriage then this credit card is meant for you. The rewards program includes a point on every purchase made via the angel card.  Firestone Credit Card Login | Application
Victoria Secret’s Angel card is accessible at the brand’s stores and website. It is also usable at the sister’s companies I .ee the PINK and Bath& Body Works. There are three tier levels with this card but the level attained a user results from the yearly purchasing power of that user, This level ranges with its rewards and perks. Note that all Cardholders have the opportunity to earn 1 point to earn 1  dollar spent.  Verve MasterCard – Credit Card Login | Application.
victoria secret credit card login

How the Card Works

To have a great benefit on numerous rewards system provided by Victoria’s Secret, cardholders ensure the worth of purchase made using the card increases. no matter if the purchases are made online or in-store. Victoria Secret has various rewards tiers that are divided into 3 sections or levels namely: Angel, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever. This shows the rate or amount of money spent annually. For every new purchase of $1, cardholders can earn 1 point on their Victoria’s Secret credit card. In a nutshell, the moment a cardholder earns points also does some spendings in dollars, it will attract an upgrade.  Elan Credit Card | Elan Credit Card Login | Application

How These Three Tiers Level Work

Angel card
Customers with Angel cards usually earn triple points on purchases made for bras, then free shipping can be earned for qualified purchases that are above $50, and also one triple-point day of their choice. Also, for every active card There a birthday treat for such cardholder and a $10 reward provided for subsequent purchases.
Angel VIP Card
250 points earned on Angel credit in a year qualifies a Cardholders for the Angel VIP. The points gotten via Angel VIP is at the same rate for Angel card as well as an annual reward of $10. The birthday treat for this card is also the same with Angel card user but there are the additional benefits at this level such as a 15% discount on the anniversary of their sign-up.
Angel Forever Card
The Angel Forever card’s requirements for qualifications is for cardholders to earn about 500 points on their Angel or Angel VIP credit card in a year. Some of the benefits of being an Angel Forever cardholder include $15 birthday, half-birthday treats, and a 20% anniversary discount.
Cardholders have the responsibility of maintaining each tier by being stable on spending the same amount each year or face a lower card reverts.

What is the Average credit score needed to be approved for Victoria’s Secret card?

The Victoria’s Secret credit card requires an average credit score of about 650. This increases your chances of being approved of the card.

Where  Can The Victoria Secret Credit Card be used?

Well the card can only be used at Victoria’s Secret brand stores
Meaning that your Victoria’s Secret Angel card can only be used in U.S. Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores, or in-store at Bath & Body Works
Is Victoria’s Secret Going Out of Business 2019?
The company executives have made it known that the company plans to close about 53 of its stores in 2019. … The planned store closures in 2019 will result in the closure of about 4 percent of the company’s 1,143 Victoria’s Secret stores worldwide.

The Benefits Of Using the Victoria’Secret Angel Credit Card

  • A reward point for every purchase made by cardholders at Victoria’s Secret store.
  • Cardholders will also earn 2 points per dollar spent on women’s inner wears
  • For every point of 250 earned, Victoria will send gifts to such customer worth of $10 for the lower level and $15 for the highest level.
  •  A  $10 gift for customers birthday or anniversary
  • Cardholders with higher tiers enjoy many additional perks like triple points during select sales events, free beauty gifts, and an annual thank you gift.
  • This card has no annual fee.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Application

Application for Victoria’s Secret card is very simple, here are the steps:
  • You can apply online or in Victoria’s Secret store near you
  • Then provide your Social Security number, a valid government-issued photo ID, and income information.
  • Ensure you read the Terms and Conditions properly before filling the application form.
  • Payments are due for at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle, and a fee of up to $37 will be charged if payment is late.
  • Decide if you want or desire to add an authorized buyer to our account.

Activate the Victoria Secret Credit Card:

To activate the card, you can do so by clicking on the link

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Login To Your Accounts

To log in to your Victoria’s Secret account, follow the below:
  • On the card’s homepage click on sign in the tab or use this link to sign in
  • Enter a username, then your password
  • Click Continue.
  • Then you will have access to your account.
Forgotten Password?
To recover your forgotten password,
  • Click the Forgot Password option on the Sign In page.
  • Enter the email address which was used in opening your account and you will be sent a link with which you can reset our password.

Register For Victoria’s Secret Online Account

The registration process for this card doesn’t take time at all. Follow the below laid down procedure and have a smooth Registration.
  • Click on the link “Register for Online Access link”
  • Enter your Victoria’s Secret card account number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and ZIP code in the spaces provided and every other instruction to conclude the account creation.

How To Make Payment With Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

In case you are thinking – How can I easily pay my Victoria’s Secret Angel Card bill?
You can make Payment in Four Ways
  • Pay your Victoria’s Secret Angel Card in stores or online at or make payment via phone at (800) 695-9478 or TDD/TTY (800) 695-1788 from Monday – Saturday between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST. Monday – Saturday 8 am – 9 pm ET. Closed Sundays
  • To make the Online Payment: Login to your Onlne account, then sign in using your login id and password.
  • Then Click on Make the Payment tab
  • Fill the amount you intend to pay
  • Enter the scheduled date on which payment should be processed if you intend to schedule your payment
  • Enter the routing number and account number which is present on the bottom of the check or deposit slip.
Payment via Phone:
Making your payment can also be easily done by phone call.
  • You can place your payments by calling the numbers (800) 695-9478 or TDD/TTY (800) 695-1788.
  • Follow the instructions or questions asked and have your payments made. Cash or check bill payments are also acceptable at any Victoria’s Secret store location.
  • You can call from Monday – Saturday, from 8:00, am to 9:00 pm EST.  Take note that there is a $9 fee when making payment by phone.
Your Card Payment  Can be Done via Mail
Mail your payment to:
Victoria’s Secret Customer Service
P.O. Box 659728
San Antonio, TX 78265.
Customer service
Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273.

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