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Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards – Is it a Good Card to Have?

New users on the Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards receive 500 Welcome Bonus Points when $500 is spent in the first 90 days outside of Ulta Beauty.

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards is issued by the Comenity bank. it has two variants the Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards and the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard.  The former can only be used at the Ulta Store and at the while the latter can be used wherever a MasterCard is used and accepted.

Ultamate Rewards credit cards

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards comes with many credit rewards for the credit card holders. Since this credit card can only be used at the Ulta beauty store or at the Then Basically, those who use this card are those who want to shop at
It is good to note that new users automatically become Ultamate Rewards members. Of course, this membership comes with great benefits and rewards like having 1 point on each dollar spent at Ulta. Including an extra point per dollar that comes on the card, thus you get 2points on each $1 at Ulta Beauty.

Is the Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards a Good Have?

Quick Facts of the Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards

  • Cardholders get 20% off first purchase at Ulta Beauty
  • No Annual Fee is charged on the card
  • 2 points on each $1 spent at Ulta Beauty
  • 1 point on each $3 spent outside of Ulta Beauty
  • New users receive 500 Welcome Bonus Points when $500 is spent in the first 90 days outside of Ulta Beauty
  • The Purchase APR is 26.24% (Variable)


  • 1 extra point is earned on $1 spent at Ulta Beauty and (for a total of 2 points per $1)
  • Up to 5X points is given for signing up for email updates
  • Points expire 1 year after they are earned

Application Requirements include:
The applicant must be domiciled in the United States.

  • A photo ID approved or issued by the government is necessary
  • Should be above 18 years old
  • Must have a clear credit history and have at least a fair credit score.

How do you get the Ultamate Rewards credit cards Application

  • There are two ways you can apply,
  • visit your nearest Ulta Beauty store and apply at checkout or online at
  • If approved, you’ll receive a credit card welcome kit in the mail within 7-10 business days.

To Apply Online

  • Go to this page
  • You can Sign in to the site to Apply. But if you are new, you can create an account by clicking on the button “Apply Now”
  • Enter all required personnel, security and contact information.
  • follow the instruction to conclude the application.

Checking your Credit Card Application Status?

Often just after you conclude the application, you ought to get an approval. But in the case you didn’t get immediate approval confirming your application, you have a timeframe of 7 -10 day for the credit card issuer to notify you by mail.

Sometimes the credit card issuer may also contact you demanding additional information while reviewing your application

If for any reason you were denied, you’ll get a notice with the reason or reasons why you were denied approval.
You can also find out your account status by calling the credit card issuer using the phone number for the issuer of the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card 1-866-983-8582.

Closing you Card Application

If you do not want to use the card again and intend to close. Then you can close the card by placing a call using the phone number on the back of your card.

Always remember that Closing a card will usually decrease your credit scores.
If you do not have any debt hang on a card that has no annual fee, it is advisable to just live the card open since it helps your credit scores better off if you leave it open and don’t use it.

How to Login – Your Ultamate Rewards Credit Cards Login

  • Visit the Ultra Beauty credit card login page
  • Enter your username and password in the following spaces and touch “Sign in”
  • Then, sign in with your card online.

How to Recover your Password / Username

  • If you have forgotten your password or username, you can recover them by following the steps below:
  • Sign in to the Ultra Beauty credit card home page and click the ‘Forgot your username or password’ link to see it at the bottom of the ‘Login’ button.
  • Go to a new web page that will show you the section where I forgot your username and password
  • Please enter the following details to sign in to reset your credentials. Your credit card number or username, password, select the identity category and choose the last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN).

How to Make Payments

  • You can always pay your bill online, on the credit card issuer’s website.
  • Sign in to your Ultra Beauty card account.
  • Select the payment tab in the account pane.
  • Click the make payment tab to access the payment page
  • Select the appropriate payment option and make a payment.

In addition, you can allow automatic debit to allow the card company to automatically make payments for you.

If you’re having trouble paying online, we recommend you call the phone number seen on the back of your credit card or use 1-866-983-8582

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