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Making Timely Payments With Your Surge Credit Card

Surge Credit Card; Here is Everything You Need to Know About Surge credit card and how it works. This also involves how to use them for payments.

The Surge Mastercard® credit card is a legitimate credit card for people who have a bad credit, it is not fraud. It helps you to build your credit and It reports to the three major credit bureaus each month which then allow this by cardholders to create better credit as long as they make payment on time and use only part of their credit limit.

Many people often wonder if the surge credit card is a scam. Well, you can’t blame them for real because many have had issues with certain financial institutions that look very real. The Surge MasterCard Credit card is never “Scam” it is a reliable card that is designed for anyone with a bad credit score. The only concern with the card is that its fees are quite high for $125 charged in the first year and then $96 in the subsequent years. It also has a high APR of 29.99%.

Surge Credit Card; How to use for payments

Since the card is designed for those with low credit score, the Surge credit card ensures it reports your credit payment activities monthly to the available major credit bureaus.

One Major Key to increase your credit score while using the card is to make payments on time monthly and never leave a balance – pay the balance in full monthly. With this, you can get a better score and higher credit card offers at your disposal.
Continental Finance always offers credit cards to consumers based on your credit rating. This determines whether you are approved or rejected on the card. After the card has been approved.

There are different ways to make payments monthly:

  • You can Make payments online
  • By Phone is another option
  • Available also is by Phone
  • And Making Payments by Post Or even by bank transfer”

With the options mentioned above, you can make the minimum balance payments or full balance payment or anything else

To Make Payment Online Surge Credit Card – Surge MasterCard

Visit the Continental Finance website and then log in to your online account. In your online account. To access your account online using this guide Quick Guide to Surge Credit Card Login With Ease
Go on to Select the “Pay my bill” tab
Next enter the bank’s routing number, bank account number, and date of payment. Specify the payment amount and then send the payment.

Make Payments by Mail; Surge Credit Card – Surge MasterCard

You can do so by detaching the return part of the monthly statement and send it by post with a check indicating the amount you intend to pay.
Mail to Continental Finance P.O. Box 8099 Newark, DE 19714-8099

Make Payment by phone

Call a customer service representative using the number is 800-518-6141 You can call six days a week to make a payment. Call from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 or on Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00.
You simply have to give the customer service representative your full name, card number and last four digits of the social security number, as well as bank account information and the amount you intend to pay. And that is it.

Make Payment Using Western Union

Payments can be made using the Western Union by simply visiting your local Western Union office.
Next Send payment to Continental Finance with “GoforGold” in Delaware. Ensure you provide your full credit card number. Then Pay for your wire and keep a safe copy of your receipt.

Make Payment At Money Gram Location

Go any of the nearest Money Gram locations and then send the payment through the Money Gram.
You can then Send the payment to “Continental Finance, Newark, DE” use the “5854” as the pickup or receive code. Ensure you enter your full credit card number. Pay the fee charged by Money Gram and collect the receipt for the transaction.

How to Pay Your Surge Credit Card – Surge MasterCard

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