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Quick Guide to Surge Credit Card Login With Ease

Surge Credit Card Login

The cashless economy is not just what we knew it to be anymore, that is a means of not carrying money around for safety reasons, but has slowly but surely grown into a global phenomenon that is not only needed but critical in running our day to day life.

Surge Credit Card Login

Nowadays no one wants to carry a briefcase to and from the office nor have his/her salary handed in cash for either security reasons, ease of movement, saving motives, or just the “I want some privacy” kind of thing. Hence, the need and relevance for transaction cards. Am sure you’ve heard the likes of master cards, verve cards, and the likes but the surge CREDIT card is not just something new but exciting. So just sit back and enjoy your ride…

The surge credit card as the name implies allows its holder to access credit/loans at different levels which increases with consistency. In a world where demand comes up at unusual and unexpected moments having access to such a credit card is something that saves the day.


It is open to all and provides its holder a monthly e-statement of account for track purposes. Peace of mind is guaranteed as reports are made to 3 major credit bureaus monthly (thereby increasing your credit chances as a reward for using this card).


Relevant percentage charges to take note of include 30% APR- Cash advance, 5% cash advance fee, and 30% purchases (APR). Also, an annual fee of $125 is charged on the first year after which falls to $96 annually.

Now how do I get one of these?

Pls, note that this card isn’t like any other card in purpose, features, designs, and most of all application. In most cases, this is the kind of credit card you get in desperate cases where you have bad records and need to redeem both for cash purchases and advances. Below are simple steps to get one for yourself:

How to Apply For A Surge Credit Card

Get to the continental finance homepage.

Click Apply now.

Click again the Apply now icon next to the surge card(image)

You will be required to fill in the following personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Resident/Home address
  • City of residence
  • State of origin
  • Zip code
  • E-mail address (functional)
  • Primary (main) phone number
  • Secondary phone number.

Moving forward…

At this point there are requirements you have to meet which you should ensure you have before even applying:

  • Have a checking account
  • Be a U.S. resident
  • Over the age of 21.

Furthermore, ascertain whether you consent and understand the privacy policy.

If you are eligible go on and click on the continue your application icon, but if not sorry.

Showing next will be another request form to fill-Date of birth, Social security number, Gross monthly income. Do you have a credit or debit card?… would you like an additional card?

Then click “continue your application” to proceed.

An “i agree to the e-sign disclosure and consent” will come up. Tick to agree.

You then need to make a formal approval or decline of additional card security features.

Next, read and tick to acknowledge.

Finally, click the “..sign and submit your appli… ” icon. And you will be asked to choose and send a copy of your identification details.

You have successfully applied for a surge credit card but it has to be activated… Lol. Won’t be hard…

Activating the Surge Credit Card

You can either do this by online activation or call… 1-866-449-4514 (activation number). Online activation will involve you clicking the surge credit card image afterwhich you will need to fill in your Credit Card Number and click the Submit button. Here we go… On the next page create a User Name and Password and other security procedures. By doing so you have both activated your account and gotten an online account.

How then can I login in and operate my card?

Well, that easy…

Surge Credit Card Login

Simply log in to the continental finance home screen and click the surge image(this process never seems to end right?). Well, that’s because continental finance not only deals with surge credit cards but many others. And so you have to ascertain which card you want to log in to. On the next page in the blank boxes enter your User Name and Password then click the Submit button. And you are in. Piece of cake..right?

Surge Credit Card Login to Make Payments

Now you own and operate a continental finance surge credit card, making payments can be as easy as login in. Just log in and you can make payment of bills, transfers, etc. Over-the-counter purchase is as easy as an ATM card.

Do enjoy your new surge credit card. For more information contact the companies card customer service …1-866-449-4514.



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