Success made Easy; Finding and following the principles that guarantee lasting success

Success made Easy; Finding and following the principles that guarantee lasting success.
Success made Easy; Finding and following the principles that guarantee lasting success
My name is George Okorie, I am an insightful teacher, SuccessMastery coach, personal transformation expert, and a pastor of a young and thriving church. And I want to share with you what I consider the most important key to succes. It doesn’t really matter what your field of the enterprise may be, this one key can help you become as successful as you want to be in a short time as possible.  The result is with a guarantee. That is why I chose to call it, “success made easy.”
Growing up as a child, and later as a teenager, I have always wondered why some people seem to have everything they want, while others seem to barely survive. As a child, there were some things I desired to have but my parents could not afford it. I wanted some toys and a bicycle, but we couldn’t afford it. These things are very simple stuff that even families with the lowest incomes could afford. Unfortunately, things were so bad for us that we could not afford them.

Desires not Met

So many common desires like having a car of our own was even far-fectched. For some long time even as an adult, I didn’t even dream of my parents ever owning a car, talk more of owning it myself. It was practically impossible, as far as we were concerned.
One time, things got so bad that we didn’t even as much as own spoons for eating. We used leaves to eat porridge. And you know, sometimes, I want to think that those experiences never happened, but quite unfortunately, they did.
As a result, I grew up with some form of inferiority complex. To some extent, I saw myself as a less-privileged. Obviously, we were, by the standard of tangible material possessions. Not all less-priveged people are physically challenged.

What Made the Difference then

I managed to complete grade five, and then high school with so much financial pressure. At some points, there was heavy pressure for me to drop out of school, but for the intervention of my immediate older brother, who for some reason insisted I must go to school. The only physical explanation for that decision and insistence on my education was my excellent results. As a young boy, I had demonstrated a high level of intelligence, academic excellence and creativity, which for some reasons gave me a favor before everyone in the family, and of course my teachers. I always came on top of my class. It became my trade mark.
However, in all of these experiences, the peaks and the valleys, I had one big question in my mind:

Why is it that some people seem to succeed and others fail?

Why do some people seem to have everything they need, whereas others seem to barely get along? And my questions goes on and on and on…

All my life was a struggle, even in college(Universty). But in all, God was on my side and he kept me going, despite the intensity of the struggles. Later accepted Jesus as my lord, and a new journey began for me. I joined a wonderful church family and was later ordained a pastor. Long story short, I served there 17 years untill God gave my new assignment.
As I write, I am married to a pretty lady, with 3 beautiful kids, pastor a young and thriving church in the beautiful city of Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. I have authored several books. I also create, write, package and publish books for other authors both nationally and internationally( something I love to do). I speak to inspire young people everywhere in my nation and I am definitely looking forward for global relevance, influence and impact.
I am aware that things are not nearly as great as I really want them to be, but I must confess that I have made significant progress from where I was some few years back, even after graduation from college. And most importantly, I now have the road map as well as the vehicles and the tools to help me get to where I am going. I have new hopes and dreams and a system to ensure their realization.
One of the things that made a difference was firstly my accepting Jesus as lord and savior.

Secondly, it was my desire to pursue the profound knowledge that guarantees lasting success.

I had subscribed to a vibrant reading culture and that became my source of inspiration both in good as well as not so good times. I studied success because I found out that you have no right to anything you have pursued.
I read books, attended seminars, conferences, joined as many MENTORSHIP groups as I could. And today,  I have read well over 600 books by highly accredited authors, listened to thousands of audio programs, attended seminars and conferences on the subject of success, personal growth, and achievement and here is what I found out.

  • #1: There are no failures in life,

only those who do not know how to succeed. That means, Success is not a mystery, but like life itself, it is governed by certain principle. Amazingly, Principles are no respecter of person, race or creed.

  • #2: Those who are succeeding are not better than you

they only know what you don’t know or what you know but are not disciplined enough to apply it, and consistently until you see significant results. Consequently, the true denominator of succes is DISCIPLINE. First, the discipline to pursue and discover relevant principles, as well as the discipline to apply them.

  • #3: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, only adapt and improve on them.

That is to say that the principles of success are already discovered by people before us. And these principles are embedded in their work, their books, audio and visual products and so on. You don’t need to learn new lessons from your mistakes and experience, you don’t pretty have that much time anyway. But you can get them through reading. And this lead me to what I call success made easy.

  • #4: Success made easy.

    Do you want success made easy, then subscribe to the principle of modeling? In life, you can either attempt to follow the short cuts—which obviously will cut you short in the long run, or you can decide to follow the fast track. And for me, modeling after an already existing success is a fast track to success. Because, once you locate a model, then you don’t have to go through the rigores of finding out what works by yourself. All you need to do is to gain access to their wisdom and personality. When you do, you will quicky discover their secrets. That is the principles, systems, and daily routines they maintain in other to have the results you see them have. This can happen in a very short time depending on how passionate, hungry, inquisitive and humble you are to pursue them and their wisdom, as well as your willingness to sacrifice value in exchange for access.

Success made Easy; Finding and following the principles that guarantee lasting success.

I learned that if you follow the best, if you model the best, then you stand a chance of becoming the best. That means, to create a good design, start by studying a good design. To write a great book, model after a great book. And to be great, model after greatness. Remember, nothing is new under the sun. Start from their finishing point. Learn, sometimes copy or Immitate, model after other success in your area of interest. Improve, innovate, break the monopoly, take over and dominate the market.
I promise you, this works like magic. And it works all the time.
Success is yours!

Success made Easy; Finding and following the principles that guarantee lasting success.