Starting a business Online | Why Sell On Amazon

Starting a Business Online

Having an online business or Starting a business Online is key in today’s world. Innovation and in contemporary science term, evolution occurs in every area of life. Selling online and creating your online store is the new innovation in the business arena. Are you a business person, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a work at home mum?

Then moving your business online, acquiring some social media skills is non-negotiable to stand tall above the competition and still succeed in the business world today.

Creating an online store is the starting point for gaining access to a global market where you display your brand, contact new customers, and eventually sell your products. One of my online mentors said he gets over 2million new customers yearly. What an amazing reach!

There are several ways to create your online store and start selling to existing and new customers. In this article series, we will focus on how to create your online store through the Amazon channel. This new integration of Amazon allows you to contact potential customers looking for your market. What an opportunity today!

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Starting a Business Online

Starting a Business Online

Why Sell On Amazon


  • Buyers Often Start their Search in Amazon

Amazon has become one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in the world. One of the very best ways to start making money online is by selling on Amazon.  Amazon is a great platform for setting up a business.

There are over 200,000,000 people in the world, consistently shop on Amazon. This offers you a great opportunity to take advantage of the large pool of customers. Since more than 19,000,000 enter in every day to the Amazon website to find items they would want to buy.

So to sell on Amazon means that you do not have to go in search of customers. You do not have to make Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, you do not have to create a website, you do not have to do any form of advertising or even to hire warehouse staff or one of the most important costs that Amazon has already covered.

Starting A Business Online On Amazon Is An Open Market with Great Credibility

Another very important fact is the fact that over the year Amazon has been able to build credibility thus buyers come to Amazon to who buy with full confidence and trust on Amazon.

Knowing that once they make any purchase on the website, the goods will be delivered to them on time and in the state in which it was expected. If anything happens Otherwise they know that Amazon will deal with them with the issue quickly and easily.

Amazon Help Buyers Discover Your Brand With Ease

Amazon can help you build sales channels for potential customers that you can purchase in your brand. Many successful brands have been introduced on Amazon and have ultimately prompted customers to buy the same or different products on their site.

Amazon is a Great Extra Sales Channel

Amazon is a great platform and has been able to create a template that makes others who would want to be as affiliates or even sell their own products can do so easily and quickly.

To begin selling on Amazon as a dealer, you can simply set up your account with them, provide all relevant information, and have your product listed the same day. This does not require any fee for a franchise or other know expenses.