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Sleep Number Credit Card Login | Application [Sleep Number Credit Card Approval Odds]

Sleep Number Credit Card

This is a reward card issued by Synchrony Bank. As a reward card, it allows users to get rewards or bonuses whenever they make purchases at Sleep Number Stores.

This card gives a lot of bonus and some of them are in-store phone and online financing. To add to that it permits you to manage your card account online, demands no annual fee, and offers easy financing.
Be mindful of the fact that only those with decent credit, can apply.

Therefore work on your credit if, you wish to get this card. As an added advantage, this card can be used anywhere a credit card is accepted, gives a decent saving strategy, and a lot of benefits yet demands no annual fee or introductory APR.
These and many more we shall be discussing in this article since it contains the necessary information about this card.
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Sleep Number Credit Card

Sleep Number Credit Card

What you Must Know About This Card?

Cardholders are to maintain a certain monthly payment.
This card provides 3 years special financing offer, which is 36 months on the smart beds of Sleep Number 360 Tm, it ™ bed, FlexFit ™, DualTemp ™ layer, adjustable bases, and Sleep Number ® beds.
It has a purchase APR of 29.99%.

Cardholders can enjoy their card, without being disturbed due to a credit check since it is not for this card.
And $2 the minimum interests charge for this card.

What Are The Fees Associated With This Card?

  • Below are the fees and rates that apply to the user.
  • This card request no introductory APR rate or fee.
  • There is no cash advance APR.
  • It demands no yearly fee.
  • Users are to pay no cash advance fee.
  • It comes with no APR rate.

What We Cherish About This Card?

As stated earlier, this card comes with a lot of benefits and they are:

  • It gives easy financing and assists users in raising funds which can be gotten easily.
  • Cardholders are being given online, phone, and in-store financing.
  • This card demands no annual fee.
  • Users are allowed to manage their card account online.

What Must I Do to Get This card?

Like other credit cards, you can apply for this card using its online application form. That is to say, give the required personal information just as indicated on your card application, select the bed, and submit your card application.

Credit Decision: As soon as your card application gets to this card company, you will be sent a credit decision.
Purchases: Users shall be given a financial code with which they can make purchases in-store, via phone, during checkout and online, if they have been approved for this card.

Sleep Number Credit Card Approval Odds –   What Determines Your Eligibility?

To apply for this card, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • You are to have a government-recognized photo ID.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Aspirates must be a resident in the U.S. and have a rural route APO/FPO mail address.
  • Aspirates must have a good credit history.

Sleep Number Credit Card Application

How Do I Apply For Sleep Number Credit Card?

    • Those who want to apply for this card can do so by following this procedure.
    • To apply, you are to first go to the Synchrony Bank website so; you will be given access to the homepage of this card.
    • As soon as you get to that page, search, and click on the “Apply Now” link. or use this link ( ) to access the application page
    • Then, read the terms of this card to enable you to understand fully all about this card.
    • Give the requested personal information, like name, contact, employment, and financial details. But before that, indicate the purchase amount.
    • Also indicate if, you are interested in having a joint account or not.
    • Do not forget to choose your method of statement delivery. That is how you will like to receive your card your statement, either paper statement or electronic.
    • Finally, go through the information which you have provided and correct any possible mistakes, before clicking on Submit to end the entire process.

What Must I Do to Have My Card Activated?

Activating your card before use is very important. So, to activate your card, just dial the number on your newly received card.

Sleep Number Credit Card Login

How to Access My Cards Online Account?

  • As a cardholder, it is also important that you have an online account since; it enables you to manage your card properly. For this reason, I have provided you with the login procedures of this card.
  • So, navigate to the webpage of the Synchrony Bank and from there, you shall be taken to the Synchrony homepage.
  • When you get there, make available the requested login details. These include your username and password.
  • After that, just click on “Secure login” and you shall be given access to your online account.

How Do I Restore My login Details?

If accidentally you lost or forgot any of your login details, do not be pissed off you can still get them back. Provided you follow this procedure.

  • To start with, go directly to the login page if, possible use to “How to Access My Cards Online Account” guide.
  • Under the login options, search and click on the “Find User ID” button.
  • Then give the requested information. This includes the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth, and account number.
  • And click on Continue.

To recover your password
If you wish to restore your password, just click on the “Reset password” link, give in the specified field your User ID and Zip Code.
Finally, click on Continue.

Sleep Number Credit Card Payment

How Do I Pay My Card Bills?
Luckily for cardholders, there are three ways of making card payments. These methods are:
Making Payment By Phone call
To make your card payments using this procedure, you just have to call this number: 800-250-5411. Those who were not given access to their online account can also use this method.
Pay By Via Online
This is the simplest way of making your card payments. Going by this method, you are to the first login to your card account using the Synchrony bank site link, on the dashboard search and click on the payment button.
If you wish or you were unable to make your card payments using your phone or the online method, go for this method.
Therefore, send your payment to this address:
Sleep Number Credit Card,
P.O. Box 960061,
Orlando, FL 32896.
Customer Service
For queries or more information about this card, just call the customer service number below.
Tel: 800-250-5411.
Optionally, you can have your query mailed to the following address:
Synchrony Bank,
P.O. Box 960061,
Orlando, FL 32896-0061.

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