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Roamans Credit Card
Roamans Credit Card is a card that can be used majorly in the Roaman’s store which is set out to provide women the very with great fashion options and style and quality. The store has everything you need as it relates to this area from inner wears to outerwears to even basic and corporate business attire.
You getting this credit card is a good option to get some financing options for your clothing.

This is a card that offers rewards and allows cardholders to pay their bills and manage their card account very well. It can be used for making purchases of the recreational jacket, woven jeans, beautiful bootcut pants, clothing sizes, and traditional blouses products.

I will like to tell you that this article contains the basic information about this credit card.
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Roamans Credit Card

Roamans Credit Card

Quick Facts and Rates Of The Card

  • It requires a trust card.
  • The APR rate for this card is the same.
  • With this card, Visa holders are able to make payments online and control directors.
  • Users can make purchases using their cards and pay for them later.
  • This card has a regular annual interest rate of 27.24%.
  • It gives cardholders special rewards every year.
  • The rewards issued by this card can be used from time to time with free shipping.
  • Users who were able to get 400 points in the Full beauty brands will earn 10 rewards points.
  • It gives the customer a card without an annual fee.

Benefits When Using this credit card

It gives free shipping 4 times a year
This card helps cardholders to take the goods they have purchased to their destination but this can only be done at Users’ demands. So, Users can request this free shipping whenever the need arises.
Demands no annual fee
Most store cards request no annual fee. Because their interest rate is a little bit higher than standard bank cards and as such whatever you pay an annual fee, it increases the APR slowly. As a result of this, your credit line reduces monthly.
Users get 20% off purchases on their birthday
Roamans cares for its cardholder and goes the extra mile every year to give them 20% off purchases on that which they wish to buy on their birthday. Provided you are still a cardmember and your account is in good condition.
Account Assure Debt Cancellation
This card allows users to pay a few additional dollars monthly to enable them to clear their balance quickly in case of any possible events that might leave them with little or no cash. With this, users will not have to worry much, about how to clear their card bills, whenever they are experiencing difficulties.
Gives Users a 20% discount on their order, particularly on their birthday month
Allows you to complete your balance without penalty: This card does not add any fee or penalty to your remaining payment as you try to clear your balance after when due. Or change the amount with which you are to complete your remaining payments.
Get a bonus whenever you make purchases: Like other cards, this card gives you 2 rewards points for every purchase made and this can be used to acquire discounts on the next purchases.
Get more rewards as you purchase: It is interesting to note that using your card to purchase enables you to get more bonuses. When you get about 400points after making purchases of the full  Beauty brand, you are to receive $10.

What determines your eligibility?

The applicant must have attained 18 years and over
You must have a government recognized SSS or SIN.
The applicant must have his or her official identity card offered by the government
You must have a government recognized personal ID.
Enter your own street address number or APO / FPO street number and P.O.

Roamans credit card application online

Apply For Roamans Credit Card
You can apply for this credit card using the link below and follow the steps.
Click on the “Apply now” option.
Enter all the needed info then
Fill in the tabs your personal information
Then, enter your contact information email address, and make sure you confirm your email address,
Add an authorized buyer to your account by clicking “Yes” or “No” according to your intentions
Click on Continue.
Follow all the instructions given to conclude the application.
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Activate Your Roamans credit card 

As soon as you receive your new card, it has to be activated to be used.
You can activate the card from your online account. Alternatively, you can call the customer service department to activate the card.
To login to your Romans credit card online account

  • Enter your username and password. You can click on the box indicating “Remember Me” so you can save your login and also not having the worries of forgotten username or password.
  • Then click the Login box to access your account
  • If you do not have an account, you can click on the create account box or use the link and follow all the steps in creating an account.

Registering for online access allows you to get use Roaman’s Platinum Credit Card for any time, anywhere.
You can easily pay your bill, check your statements online, and even update your personal information.

Steps to reset lost username and password

If you have lost your username or password, you can easily reset it by going to the Roamans Visa login page and restore it
Just below the login menu your notice the forgot user/password link, click on it
Follow the instruction and you can reset the details
Making your Roamans credit card payments
Log in using the login steps above to access your personal credit card account to pay for Roamans Visa and click on the “Online Payment” button on the page.
Choose the payment method that best suits you and starts paying.
You can also make payments by Phone
To do so call the number 1-800- 695-0195, follow the prompt instruction to make the payments

Sending payment by mail is another option

P.O. 659728, San Antonio, TX 78265.
Ensure you include your Roamans credit card account on your check and before mailing the payment
Also, Ensure you do it at least 5 business days before the specified due date so that you’re your payments can be received on time.
Roamans Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number
To have one phone with a customer, call 1-800-695-0195
TDD / TTY: 1-800-695-1788.

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