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Quick View on the Restoration Hardware Credit Card

Restoration Hardware Credit Card

With this Restoration Hardware Credit Card, you can choose any of the financing options that suit your needs. Using the card allows you to earn no interest on purchases made within the stipulated timeframe.

The Restoration Hardware card is issued by Comenity Bank, Comenity Bank is owned by Data Alliance. This organization together manages multiple loyalty programs. They work with retail locations and provide them with store credit cards, rewards programs, and marketing information to retain their customers. So, Comenity Bank and Restoration Hardware offer multiple standard financing programs for larger purchases based on the amount of credit you desire to borrow and the duration it would take you to pay off off the loan.

Restoration Hardware Credit Card

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To enjoy these services and offers, you must be a member at an annual cost of $100. Individuals looking to finance a large amount on furniture might want to consider obtaining the Restoration Hardware Credit Card. Meanwhile, it is advisable for such individuals to ensure they’re able to meet every necessary payment before the due date. 

Note that the Restoration Hardware Card can only be used at Restoration Hardware stores and websites. 

With the Restoration Hardware card usage, customers are presented with the option of selecting special financing terms, which means that there are no points rewarded with this Card other than the special financing option.

Features Of Restoration Hardware Credit Card

Some of the key features of the Restoration Hardware card are outlined below:

  • Members of Restoration Hardware usually enjoy a low-interest financing solution with a $100 membership fee using the card.
  • Restoration Hardware has an online platform, and the credit limit is $30,000 
  • Comenity Bank is responsible for managing the card as well as the provision of it. 
  • There is a no-interest financing plan for none members, with a 9 monthly deal in any US in-store purchases.
  • The customer’s inability of paying off the loan in full before the due date attracts a 26.49% APR.
  • You’re not required to have a fair credit score before applying for a credit card

Pro’s Using Restoration Hardware Credit Card

  • There is an annual payment of $100 for membership, although members are given a discount on purchases which now covers up the cost of the annual fees.
  • Members also enjoy a 20% discount on Restoration Hardware sales products
  • Payment of debt before the due date attracts a low APR 

Con’s Of Using This Card 

  • Unless it’s canceled, there is an auto-renewal of membership program and payments
  • Customers bear the cost of all purchase shipments 
  • No free shipping for customers regardless of the huge purchases he/she makes. 
  • Higher interest is being added in the event that you miss a payment or make a late payment, and this may be too demanding on you. 
  • You will be charged an interest APR of 26.49% If you have difficulties with paying on time.  

Benefits Of Restoration Hardware Credit Card

  • Introductory APR; Introductory APR is not regular, this enables you to take a loan. But ensure to pay off in time to avoid increased interest.
  • Restoration Hardware members enjoy no- interest in products purchased for 12 month
  •  An APR of 0.99% for 24 months, 1.99% for 36 months, 2.99% for 48 months, and 3.99% for 60 months depending on your options.
  • Standard financing options: There is an APR of 2.99% for 12 months, 3.99% for 24 months, 4.99% for 36 months, 5.99% for 48 months, and 6.99% for 60 months depending on your option.
  • You will have access to a credit limit of $30,000 that can be used to furnish your home.

You can easily obtain this card from Restoration Hardware than the credit card bank especially if you have one or two financial problems because the banks expect you to have a higher credit score before applying.

With the Restoration Hardware Card, you can finance your furniture for years, but you might want to avoid setbacks in payment because such acts or rather late payments can attract a high-interest rate on you which may even be more difficult to pay back.

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