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The QVC Credit Card Login Basic Guide

QVC Credit Card

This is a card issued to registered customers at QVC and is also known as a Q card. It has a high APR but, those customers who are able to make on-time their card payment are to pay no interest on such payment. So, make sure that your card payments are made completely and on time to avoid being charged with interest.

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Also, this card can only be used at QVC stores and gives its users an unchallenging procedure for making their card payments. However, it offers no reward yet assists you in increasing your credit score. Besides this card is issued by Synchrony Bank

QVC Credit Card


  • It offers a grace period of 25 days.
  • When you are late on your payment, you will pay a late payment fee. But it is based on the amount. For example:
  • If your balance is not up to $25, you will pay $15 as a late fee.
  • When it is from $25 to $499.99, you will have to pay $25.
  • For $50 to $499.99, you are to pay $29.
  • And you are to pay $39 for balances of more than $500.
  • Users are to pay a returned payment fee of $29.
  • It offers no purchases or travel rewards.

Why Use This Card

  • Users will not be charged for exceeding their credit limit.
  • Most of all it gives its users a long grace period.

Downsides of Using this Card

  • The card offers no consumer protection.
  • It can only be used for QVC purchases, requesting no cash advances or balance transfer fees.
  • The ARP for this card is 22.80%, which is high.
  • As a matter of fact, it has no reward program.


To apply for this card, you have to ensure you have a credit score of about 640. The credit score requirement for using the card is fair so with a 640 credit score you stand a good chance of getting approved if you meet all the other requirements.

You must fulfill the following requirements to get the card:

  • First, you are to be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a registered customer at QVC Store.
  • Your application must be the first application you have ever submitted in the last three months.
  • Credit history; this must be outstanding with no bankruptcies or delinquencies.
  • There are Other’s advantages
  • It provides users with the deferred payments option.

The easiest way to apply for the QVC Credit Card is to apply online or by phone call. You can call the number (800) 367-9444 to apply.

Alternatively, you can consider the Chase Ultimate Reward card, if you do not like this card. Because it can be used for making purchases at the following stores: Barnes & Noble, Target, QVC, etc.
Optionally, you can go for a cashback card. Since it allows you to save more, when you use their online store, get a reward for all purchases, manage your finance, enjoy purchase price protection, and more customer benefits.


With the QVC Credit Card Login, cardholders can gain access to your account online. with an online provided, users can make payments, and easily contact the customer service for any assistance.

To Login to your Online Account,
You can use this link to access your online account. Make payment and also manage your account with ease.

The QVC credit card customer service phone number for other assistance is 877-490-1787.
You can also contact customer service at 800-367-9444.


There are a lot of payment options for QVC purchases some of these options are: PayPal credit, major credit cards, company Q card, etc. Meanwhile, you are to make your first payment as soon as the goods are being sent to you and other necessary payments regularly every 30 days. Q cards can be used for the QVCs Easy Pay program.

Use the Credit Card Payment Address to make payment by mail
PO Box 530905
Atlanta, GA 30353-0905
Thank you for choosing our credit card reviews.

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