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Quick View on the Polaris Visa Credit Card

Polaris Visa Credit Card

The Polaris Credit Card comes with an easy and very convinent way for paying for goods and services which is generally accepted worldwide. This card has a revolving credit limit. having access to quick funds when there is need for urgent payments.
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The Card comes with different variants, which are:

  • Polaris Visa Classic Credit Card
  • The Polaris Visa Gold Credit Card E.T.C

The Polaris Visa credit card is offered by the US Bank. It offers its points when they use their credit card wherever Visa is accepted. The point can quickly earn Polaris money that you can spend at any favorite Polaris dealers.

Features of Polaris Visa Credit Card

  • The card is only valid for 3 years
  • Up to 45 days interest free grace period
  • it has a Revolving credit facility
  • The Credit linmit is flexible. This is based on income and class of the cardholder
  • The APR purchases is 0% of the APR for 6 billing cycles after the opening of the account.
    Subsequently, the APR will be equal to 16.24% to 25.24% depending on the reliability of the credit at the opening of your account.
  • The APR balance transfer is 0% of the APR for 6 billing cycles after opening the account. Subsequently, the APR will be equal to 16.24% to 24% based on the reliability of the credit when opening an account
  • The APR for cash advances is 24%
  • Grace period of 24 to 30 days
  • The minimum interest of $ 2
  • Commissions on foreign transactions are 2%
  • No annual fee
  • A balance transfer fee is 3% or $ 5
  • The cash advance fee is 4% or $ 5
  • Late payment fee is approximately $ 38
  • The returned payment fee is up to $ 35

Eligible applicants must be 18 years of age or older
Must have a valid Photo ID from government
He should have a valid social security number

Polaris Visa Credit Card Application

On the homepage of the Polaris card.

Locate and click the “Apply Now” button on the US Bank application page, enter your details.
Type your surname, first name, last name, suffix, date of birth, social security number, country of citizenship, main phone number, mobile phone number, and email address.

Enter your residential details such as physical address, office/unit, city, state, postal code, a monthly status of accommodation, payment and delivery mailing address

Enter your employment status: employment status, total annual income, a source of total annual income

Indicate clearly if you intend to have additional cards, including authorized user

Ensure to read the terms and conditions of the card including rates.

Check to show acceptance of the terms and conditions and click on the “Submit” button.

Activation of the Card

If you want to activate a new Polaris visa credit card, call 0700 75932265.

Polaris Visa credit card Login

Go to the Polaris Visa Credit Card homepage and look for the “Sign In” link on the US bank page. Enter your Polaris personal login ID and click on the “Sign In”.

How to Recover your details

Go to the “Login” page of the Credit Card, scroll down and click on the “Forgot your login” link

In the second new page, select the Personal, Enterprise, or Shared account, depending on what you have.

select the method you want to use to search, your phone number, your email address, your card or your account

Choose what you want and enter the last 4 digits of SSN, scroll down and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Making Bills Payment

Cardholders can make payments on their bills by accessing the credit card account online and using automatic credit card deduction by setting up automatic payment.

Customer care number
To contact the Visa Polaris Card, call the customer care number at 0700 75932265

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