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Tips On How To Make Northern Tool Credit Card Login Ease

Northern Tool Credit Card

Northern Tool Credit Card is a MasterCard that encourages savings. It is a company that has different tools durable for usage.

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The card is issued by Wells Fargo Bank and can be used at  Northern Tool Stores. The credit rating required is Low making the northern tool credit card approval odds also Low. That means You can be approved for the card even with low Rating.

northern tool credit card

Rates And Features

  • Zero Charges on Intro APR Rate
  • Has a Normal APR Rate of 28.99%
  • No Cash Advance APR Rate
  • No Cash Advance Fees
  • User can enjoy using at No Annual Fees


  • Easy monthly payment.
  • 6 months benefits on reaching the qualifying purchase limit
  • No annual fees
  • It can be financed at a low-interest rate.

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Login/Online Bill Payment

This Credit Card allows customers access to secure online portal which grants them access to pay credit card bills and activate the card.

This Credit Card can be used to finance tools and equipment’s from the Northern Tool & Equipment stores.

Logging in on a Credit Card Account enables the customer access to the following;

  • Transaction history.
  • Up to date account information
  • Electronic sign-up statement
  • Request for additional Card

Ability to effectively keep track of all account activities.

Mind you, old account bearers of the credit card can have instant access to their account details only by providing his/her correct Username and Password details on the homepage.


  • Login through the homepage of the Wells Fargo Bank
  • On the top left of the page, there is a login section. Type your correct Username and Password and click on ‘Go’. This will take you to your dashboard.

Those who have forgotten their Username and Password are not left out, here is what should be done in such situation;

  • Open the login page and click on ‘Forget Username/Password’ that is located at the bottom of the page.
  • This will get you to a new webpage that displays a reset section for password and username
  • Input the necessary details so you can retrieve all your particulars.

Northern Tool Credit Card Payment

  • Log in to your Credit Card Account with your correct login details. After this, there will a ‘Make Payment’ at the bottom of the page.
  • The customer can set his/her account as an automatic debit payment so as to enable the company to debit the customer at the due date.

You can also call the northern tool credit card payment phone number 1-800-222-5381

You can Call 1-800-222-5381 between  (7 AM – 6 PM CT, Monday – Friday | 7 AM – 3 PM CT, Saturday).

Activation Of Card

Call 1-800-222-5381 so as to activate a newly received Northern Tool Credit Card and do not forget to give the necessary details for the card to be activated.

Northern Tool Credit Card Apply Online


Using the web portal of Wells Fargo Bank makes it easy to apply for the credit card.

When the credit card is used for purchases of tools and equipment purchases, the customer enjoys special discounts and offers.

In essence, its only loyal customers of Northern Tool and Equipment Stores that are eligible to be issued this card.


  • Log on to  and you will find ‘Apply For a New Credit Card’
  • Click on the icon and download the application form pdf. The application form has the following details that should be filled; Applicant Name, Date of Birth, Social security Number, Physical Address, Address Type, City, State, etc

These should bear your correct details to avoid confusion and misinformation.

  • To apply for a Joint account, do well to fill the applicant information section.
  • Important information should be read thoroughly on opening a new account and make sure you sign on the form before submitting it to the nearest Northern Tool Store.

Eligibility Status

Call 1-800-222-5381 to check your eligibility status and provide your correct reference number.

Cancelation Of Credit  Card

In situations of closing or canceling credit card account, call the credit card company with the customer care center number.

Customer Care Center


Contact Information

Personal Credit Card Call Center Service Number – 1-800-222-5381

Commercial Credit Card Call Center Service Number – N/A

Mailing Address – Northern Tool Credit Card, P.O. box 660431, Dallas, TX 75266-0431

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