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Nordstrom Credit Card: Is the Card Worth the Value [ How to Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card ]

Nordstrom Credit Card

The Nordstrom credit cards is a great card for those who shop for frequent at Nordstrom stores. Users stand the chance of getting specific Nordstrom perks, such as free alterations and access to the anniversary sale.
Nordstrom has a loyal base of shoppers, so it makes sense that this retailer has a store credit card for its biggest fans.

nordstrom credit cardNordstrom credit card

The Card Overview

The Nordstrom has three different credit cards, which are a regular store retail card, Visa Signature, and Visa Platinum. Briefly here’s how they are different from each other:
The Store Retail card can only be used at the Nordstrom stores. With it, you get 2x points for each dollar spent.

The Visa Platinum is a card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. With it, you still get 2x points for each dollar spent at Nordstrom stores and 1 point everywhere else.
Visa Signature card works exactly the same way as the Platinum, but you get special Visa Signature benefits. These include benefits like travel promotions and preferred access to events.

Nordstrom Credit Card Rewards

On All the Nordstrom cards, you earn 2x points for each dollar at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack,
The Visa card also offers 1 point for each dollar spent elsewhere.

A $20 Nordstrom Note gift certificate is automatically mailed to you when you get up to 2,000 points,
Understand that 2 points on each dollar you’ll earn at Nordstrom is equal to a 2% rewards rate.

When you use the Visa cards for purchases, the 1 point per dollar is only then equal to 1%.
Nordstrom Visa Signature cardholders can also earn 1 point on all non-Nordstrom purchases but using this card this way is not the best.

This gives you the lowest value proposition, earning you a rewards rate of just 1%. When used in stores, the cards essentially earn you 2% cashback on your future Nordstrom shopping.
The Nordstrom card also has a form of a signing bonus.

The day you receive your card, as long as you If When you spend up to  $100 the day you receive the card, you get a $20 Nordstrom Note – essentially giving you a 20% rewards rate for your first day as a sign-up bonus.

This makes the Nordstrom Card one of the best have the best bonuses any department store credit card offers.

Additional Features

As you spend more, your rewards increases
Nordstrom has four cardholder tiers that depend on how much you buy at Nordstrom on your Nordstrom credit card for one year. The levels are:
The first level is $0 – $1,999, up to $100 free alterations with 1 Triple Point Day
The second level is $2000 – $4,999, up to $200 free alterations with 2 Triple Points Day and get an invitation to an exclusive holiday event.

The third level is $5000 – $9,999, up to $300 free alterations with 3 Triple Points Day, get an invitation to an exclusive holiday event and enjoy experience packages on purchases.
The fourth level is $10,000 with unlimited free alterations with 4 Triple Points Day, get an invitation to an exclusive holiday event and enjoy experience packages on purchases.

Also given is VIP experiences on the house (spa day or dining experience).
Triple Points Days: A Triple Points Day is a day when you get three times the number of points for Nordstrom purchases (that is 6 points for each dollar). You can pick when you want to use this. Depending on your level, you get a different number of Triple Points Day.
To make the most use of your card, use a Triple Points Day the day you plan to make huge. Since you just have to spend $334 to reach 2,000 points for a $20 Note.

That’s pretty good.
Note that Triple Points Days and bonus point events are only for Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook.

How to Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card

  • To begin an application, visit the Nordstrom Bank website.
  • Compare the different types of Nordstrom credit cards available. Select the particular card option you desire. They include the Nordstrom Visa, Nordstrom Platinum Visa, and Nordstrom Retail. The Visa cards you can use outside the store, while the retail card can only be used for Nordstrom.
  • Read the terms and conditions for using the Nordstrom credit card. The Nordstrom separates its interest rates into 5 different tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the APR you will have. Based on your credit history, Nordstrom will determine your tier level.
  • Provide all necessary information on the Nordstrom application form.
  • You will be notified by mail once the application is approved and how much your credit limit will be. The Nordstrom credit card will be mailed to your home and require phone activation prior to use.


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