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A Quick Guide on The MyVanilla Card


This article will provide you with a breakdown of how to have online access to the Myvanilla card, and other necessary information you may need.

MYVANILLA Card is a prepaid Visa card. This prepaid Visa card is considered the best option to the traditional debit cards due to its ability to help your budget spending as well provides protection from fraud and identity theft. It is important to note that the traditional debit card issued by your bank and linked directly to your account is totally different from the features of the prepaid card. 

The prepaid card gives you access to the funds you directly placed in your card’s account,  there is no link to bank accounts and personal information, this helps to prevent identity theft and fraud. in the event of your prepaid being stolen, whoever that stole or finds the card, cannot use it as a way to get access to your money or information. 

Additionally, the prepaid card gives you that financial discipline in controlling the amount of money you place on it, in other words, you would be left with no choice to comply with a planned budget, as the card does not permit you to spend or make any purchases beyond the money that has been preloaded onto the card. 

MyVanilla Debit Card is unlimited, it can be used wherever Visa is accepted because it is a prepaid card with with millions of retail stores worldwide. They also have an online retailers platform which are available for use in over one million ATMs. There are two kinds of MYVANILLA prepaid cards; MYVANILLA Prepaid Visa Card and MYVANILLA Prepaid Master card. These cards are all issued by Bancorp Bank. The Prepaid MasterCard can be used wherever Debit MasterCard is allowed while MyVanilla Prepaid Visa card is used wherever there is a visa logo.

With MyVanilla card, you have access and tools to check your expenses, this helps you to direct your money to the right location. There is no monthly fee with Myvanilla card, meanwhile Having the card attracts $0.50 on any purchases made which is cheaper when compared with other prepaid Visa cards.

Features of MYVANILLA card

  • Payment of monthly fees is not required with the MyVanilla Card, though customers are made to pay $0.50 on any purchases they make.
  • The card comes with a mobile app that gives you free access to your financial status, giving you the ease and convenience of operating your account from the comfort of your home or office. You can download the app via Google Play and the App Store.
  • The option of choosing between Visa card or MasterCard is made available to you with either of the cards giving you access to ATMs machine globally.
  • Every withdrawal made with MyVanilla card attracts some charges
  • You may not require to have a bank account before applying for a MyVanilla Prepaid card.


  • You must not reside in Vermont as MYVANILLA card is not accessible there
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must have a valid email address, home address, zip code, and a phone number in the United States
  • You must have an SSN

How to Apply for a Myvanilla Card

To apply for MYVANILLA prepaid card, login to the homepage, then ensure you follow the process that follows.

It will only take a few minutes for your application to be completed. Once that is done, you receive a mail of your card to the address you registered with. 

Note: The moment you receive your card, ensure you register the card immediately. The card can be access the card from the following locations; Walgreens, family dollars, Fred’s super dollar, CVS pharmacy, dollar general, Wal-Mart, speedway, 7-eleven. Register

You can register your card online at using your CVV code and card number. Additionally, you can register your card by calling 1-800-680-5941 and 1 -800-571-1376   for MasterCard and Visa cards respectively. Having your card information set would be appropriate. Your card information includes; card number, activation code, and the 3 digits of the CVV code.

Myvanilla Card Login (login procedures)

The login procedures are very easy and simple,

login to and click on “Sign in”, you will need to enter your username and password then click on “Sign in”. Note that you can use your card at a station, ATMs, to pay bills etc. 

Using your cards on domestic ATM’s within the United States would attract withdrawal charges of $1.95, as well as a withdrawal fee of $4.95 for those withdrawing money outside the  United States, this fee outside the U.S, is referred to as  (international atm withdrawal fee)

Important: Fund your card using VanillaDirect load at Walmart stores or through direct deposit

MyVanilla Customer Service 

To speak with a customer care representative or Service, call.      1-855-686-9513. 

OR Contact the customer service via the mailing address provided below: 

PO Box 826 Fortson GA 31808


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