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Midas Credit Card | Midas Credit Card Review | Login – Application

Midas Credit Card

Midas focuses on providing qualified users with quick credit to pay bills. As such such user should ensure the are able to make the monthly payments on time.

The Synchrony Bank is offering you the Midas Card. A popular bank that provides different rewards or bonuses to cardholders to enable them to enjoy making purchases at Mobile Gas Station and U.S. Exxon.

What I cherish about this card is the fact, that it comes with no annual fee, introductory APR and its requirements are low.
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Midas Credit Card

What Are The Fees Associated with this Card?

Like other cards, this card has its own fees and rate. See below:

  • It offers no introductory APR.
  • As you enjoy your card, you are not expected to pay a yearly fee.
  • This card has an APR of 27.24%.
  • It charges no cash advance APR or fee.
  • The requirements for this card are low.

What Credit Score do I need for a Midas credit card?
There is no clear credit score that the issuer of the card recommends at this point but we advice to ensure your credit score is up to 650 before trying to apply for the Midas Credit card.

What is unique about this Card?

  • It demands no yearly fee so, enjoy your card.
  • It can be used at different Midas location.
  • Cardholders, who are able to make, in 6 months a promotional purchase of 199 and above, shall not pay any interest rate or fee. While those unable to make this purchase, will end up paying the interest fee.
  • This card is well recognized in the U.S. especially at gas stations.
  • Users will have to pay no yearly fee but enjoy their cards.
  • This card is recognized in the U.S. especially at gas stations.

Other Features of Midas Credit Card

The card does not offer users promotional financing at the Gas station.
First-time users are to pay a purchase APR of 29.99% and minimum interest fee of 2%.

As stated earlier, Cardholders, who are able to make in 6 months a promotional purchase of 199 and above, shall not pay any interest rate or fee. While those unable to make this purchase, will end up paying the interest fee.

This offer I must say is for the single-receipt purchases, based on the length of the promotion, purchase amount, and payment allocation. Regardless of that the minimum payment was clear before the promotion period.

Also, first-time users are to pay a purchase APR of 29.99% and a minimum interest fee of 2%. Old users are read their card agreement because the terms of the offer could be changed.

Midas Credit Card Application

How Do I Apply for this Card?
Customers, who want to apply for this card can do so, provided that the following this step below:

  • First, navigate to the homepage of this card using this link
  • Scroll through the page, search and click on “Apply Now” located towards the end of that page.
  • Read carefully the terms of this card, before you continue with its application.
  • Then, indicate the purchase amount.
  • Give the requested personal information such as your name, contact address, financial information, etc.
  • As an applicant, you are to specify if, you will like to have a joint applicant.
  • Do not forget to indicant which method of statement delivery use to enable you to access your statement, be it Paper statement or electronic.
  • Visit the Optional Card Security registration collection then, read the agreement of optional card security and that of the security Debt cancellation program.
  • Indicate your interest in the box if actually you accept the optional card security program.
  • Now, conclude the entire process by clicking on the Continue button.

Alternatively, you can also Apply for the Midas Credit Card at any of the local Midas stores

Midas Credit Card Login

How Can I Get Access to My Cards Online Account?

  • Creating and managing your cards online account is very necessary since that account permits you to manage your card properly. Just use the step below to access your account.
  • Navigate first to the Synchrony Bank website and from there, you shall be taken to synchrony homepage.
  • On the right-hand side of that homepage is the login page for this card.
  • So, give your username and password to continue.
  • Lastly, do click on the “Secure login” button to get access to your online account.

Can I Recover My Lost or Forgotten Login Details?

Yes! As humans we do make mistakes so, you can easily restore your login detail, be it your username or/ and password.

For this reason, you are to visit the login page of this card using the Login Procedure Above.
Under the login section, search and click on the “Find User ID” option.
Then, give information such as your date of birth, account number, and the last four digit of your social security number.
Now click on Continue.
To Recover Your password

  • Just click on the Reset password link.
  • Provide your user ID and zip code.
  • Then, click on the “Continue” button.

Midas Credit Card Payment

What Are the Payment Procedures for this Card?
You can pay your card bills using any of the methods below.
First, we have an online payment procedure. Provided you want to make use of this method, go directly to your account using the link Midas Login.
Having done that, search and click on the payment button found on your dashboard.
The second method is via phone call. Those who could not access their online account can dial this number below and have the needful done.
Tel: 866-657-0376.

You can always fall back to the Mail payment ( third method) if the methods above fail. All you are to do is send your payment to this mailing address.
Midas Card / Synchrony Bank,
P.O. Box 960061,
Orlando, FL 32896.
Customer Service Center
Cardholders having any query or want to know more about this card, should contact the customer service using this number: 1-866-657-0376.

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