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Quick Steps To Merchant’s Tire Credit Card – Login Procedure

Merchant Tire Credit Card


Merchant’s Tire Credit Card is a card offered and issued by Citi Bank.

The credit card is designed to help increase the card user’s spending power and then be able to earn from the promotions and rewards for purchases and tire servicing.

If you drive frequently and often make purchases from Merchant’s, then this card should be a good choice for you.


Merchant’s Tire Credit Card

Merchant Tire Credit Card Benefits/Features

  • Low credit requirements for applications
  • No introductory APR is charged
  • The Normal Purchase APR is at 24%
  • No Cash advance APR
  • No Cash advance fee
  • Annual costs are also not required
  • It helps cardholders to make payments for bills
  • Get access to your credit card account
  • No foreign transaction costs for the Merchant’s Tire credit card
  • No Annual Fees
  • After purchasing and installing 4 new tires on your vehicle, you will receive a discount of $100
  • Users receive a discount of $20 if purchases for the right batteries for your vehicle is made
  • If you settle your debts within 6 months after the end of this period, you will receive a 0% interest
  • Offers discounts for customers to purchase qualified wiper blades

Merchant Tire Credit Card Login

Go to the bank’s credit card home page and go to the login section
On the page, enter the user ID and password in the required fields and click Login
to access the website of your account.

Restore Your Forgotten Username or Password

If you do not remember credentials, click Forgot your username and password? Connect and start collecting accounts or click.

When a new page appears, you must enter security information to verify your accounts, such as the last 4 numbers of the civil service, the last 3 digits in the signature panel, the card number and other details

Merchant Tire Credit card Application

Requirements for Merchant’s Tire Credit card application

  • Applicants applying for a visa must reside in the United States of America
  • Must have a valid Photo ID issued by a government institution
  • To qualify, the candidate must be 18 or over
  • He must have a good creditworthiness

How To Apply For Merchant Tire Credit Card

Go to the homepage of the bank using the link to start the application process.
The application form is displayed on the subsequent page, and then enter your personal details, such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, employment details, and financial information.

Make sure you read and accept all terms and conditions for using the credit card, and click the Submit Request link to submit the application for approval.

Check the status of the ticket on the Merchant Tire Credit Card

To check the status of your application, call 1-800-942-8210 to contact your customer service representative.

How to Activate your Merchant Tire card

To activate the new credit card, contact the bank’s customer care service for an assistant to activate your credit card by calling at 1-866-350-6855.

How To Cancel The Application

To cancel the card application, call 1-866-350-6855.

How To Make A Payment From Account Online Using The Credit Card

To pay for Bill, log in to your account to access the payment options, and then you can make payments.

Alternatively, you can authorize the bank to automatically debit the account so that the bank can automatically deduct the bill.

Customer service
Contact customer service for more information, complaints, and questions at 1-866-350-6855.


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