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MBNA Credit Card

MBNA Credit Card

There are different ways of activating MBNA credit card. This can be to register for online card service, mobile app or phone activation. When you have activated your card, you can make transfers, check account balances, make payments and so on. You should also be aware that there are fees attached to some transactions.

MBNA Credit Card

Things you should know about MBNA

  • You should be aware that only cardholders can activate their MBNA card.
  • When you get a replaced card, there will be no need to activate it because it will have no sticker attached to the card.
  • Changing your PIN can be done at any ATM location.
  • Call MBNA customer service number 03456 062 (+44 1244 659 005) if you forgot or misplaced your PIN for reminder. You can set a reminder using MBNA app.
  • If you have activated your main card, subsequent cards get activated automatically.


With MBNA card you get to do the following :

  • Make payments
  • View transactions and account balance
  • Set notifications and SMS alert
  • Make card replacement order
  • Set pin reminder
  • Report stolen or missing card.

If you have no experience with technology, you can just call 0345 607 2263 or +44 1244 757 221 if you reside outside UK to activate your card. The customer care service can respond to you from 7am – 11pm all week.

Activation Procedure

MBNA has two ways to make the card’s activation.

The first way is to log in to your online account if you have one to activate your card.

Another way is to register for online card service which automatically activates your card.

Registration Procedure

  • Click on “Activate Your card” on MBNA page
  • Click on “Activate your Credit card” under “Not Registered for Online card service?”
  • Input your card number, date of birth and card expiration date.
  • Click on “Activate” to activate your card.

You can also register for online card service.

Login Procedure

This is only for cardholders who have registered for MBNA online card services.

The steps include:

  • Click on “Activate Your card” on MBNA page
  • Click on “Log In to activate”
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Complete the instructions to have your card activated.

Activation Procedure using MBNA card Service App

You must enroll for online card service before you can make use of the MBNA card Service App. Go to the Google app or App Store to download the mobile app. Install the app and log in to your online account. On the app, go to card activation to activate your card.

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