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Marbles Credit Card

Marbles Credit Card. This card is created especially for those having an awful credit history and is provided by NewDay Ltd. Many people believe the card is a great card to use because you esily withdraw cash using the card.

This is actually a MasterCard and as such, it can be used anywhere a credit card is recognized and accepted for making of purchases. With this card, users can purchase goods online carry out cash withdrawals, etc.

Cardholders are being given the opportunity to choose a personal repayment date, pay no annual, and manage their finances properly but it has a credit limit of £250 up to £1,200. To get the necessary information about this card, just continue.

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Marbles Credit Card

The Features Of  Marbles Credit Card

Features of this card

  • Users are being charged with no annual fee.
  • It has a credit limit of £250 to £1,200.
  • Before applying for this card, you must be 18 years old.
  • Cardholders are being reminded by their notification alerts to pay their card bills.
  • Those with a poor or bad credit history can easily apply for this card, not excluding people with good credit history.
  • Users are given access to their online accounts to enable them to manage their cards properly.

Fees associated with this card

  • It charges no inactivity fee.
  • You are to pay a return payment fee of £12.
  • This card has an over-limit fee of £12.
  • It charges a copy statement fee of £5.
  • For late payment, you will have to pay £12.
  • And voucher charge of £5

What Are The Rates And Fees Associated With This card?

  • It charges a balance transfer fee of 29.94%.
  • No yearly fee is required.
  • This card charges an overseas fee of 2.95%.
  • It has a purchase APR of 29.75%.
  • Like other cards, it has a cash advance fee of 3%.
  • This card has a withdrawal rate of 39.94%.

The Pros Of This Card

  • This is a card for both those with poor and those with good credit history. That is, it accepts anybody no matter your credit history.
  • The highest credit limit for this card is £1,200.
  • Those with poor credit shall be given a low APR.

The Cons Of This Card

  • Some cardholders may be given a higher APR.
  • A cardholder may end up having no balance in their card.

Marbles Credit Card Benefits

Other benefits of this card

  • With this card, users can easily improve their credit score, provided they make their payment monthly. You are allowed to change the repayment date twice a year. Plus the notification alert reminds you of your card
  • bill or payment and your balance.
  • An applicant can quickly use the qualified checker made available by marble to know if you were approved
  • for this card and this does not harm your credit score.
  • With the secure code offered by this card, cardholders can safely make their online purchases. This means that this card offers a secure platform.

What Is Unique About This Card?

  • That which we have below is the reason why this card is unique.
  • It charges no yearly fee.
  • Cardholders are allowed to take a repayment date of their choice twice a year.
  • This card has a U.K based customer service number.
  • You can use your card for cash withdrawal anywhere you go.
  • Users can easily manage their cards online.
  • It offers purchase protection to cardholders.
  • This card company informs through message when you about to cross the credit limit and reminds you of your
  • card payments.
  • Cardholders are being provided with a secure platform for making purchases.

This card permits users to create an online account with which they can view transaction history, track their card account and make payment.

Furthermore, this card charges a high APR if, you are to compare it with other cards that perform a similar function (that is improving credit history). However, cardholders who are able to pay their fees fully and early every month shall escape this interest charge. As a cardholder, nobody stops you from taking a repayment date of your choice twice a year.

Though this card offers beginners a low credit limit of £100 to £250, you can still improve yours after the first three months of account opening (the fourth month). So, all you have do is to work hard to enable you to get you a higher credit limit.

Improving Your Credit Score

For you to improve your credit history, you have to work on your credit limit but, not for everybody. Considering the research done by FCA, those who go for a credit limit increase without examining their credit history might accumulate much debt and may be unable to clear it. Know it that if your credit limit was increased, this credit card company will have to report this to the credit card bureaus.

What Determines Your Eligibility?

Before you apply for this card, you must be qualified based on the following. That is to say:

  • You are to be a resident in the U.K.
  • Aspirates are to have no record of CCJs since the past one year.
  • You are expected to have no bankruptcy record in the last 18 months.
  • Aspirate must be at least 18 years old.

Marbles Credit Card Application

How do I apply for this card?

  • First, you have to navigate to the homepage of this card using this link.
  • As soon as you get to that page, find and click on the Apply Now” button. Once this is done, you will have
  • access to the application form or page.
  • Now provide the necessary information just as you are being told to do.
  • Then, search and click on the Eligibility Check” button.
  • Go on give all other details to official apply for this card.

Can I check my Application Status?

Yes! Nobody can stop you from doing that so, you just have to make use of the customer service number: 0333-220- 2692. To get access to your application status.

Must I also activate my card?

Yes! All cards must be activated before use and this can be easily done. To activate your card contact the customer service using this number: 0800 328 2523.

Marbles Credit Card Login

How Do I Access My Cards Online Account?
With your online account, you can carry out specific tasks like the making of the payment, viewing your transaction, etc.
So, go to the official page of this card using the link below.
On the page having the login widget, search and click on Continue to login”.
Now make available your login details in the specified field. This includes your username and password.
Then, click on the Login to complete the entire procedure.

Can I Restore Of My Login Details?

You can actually recover your username or password if you should visit the login page for this card.
For a start, navigate to the login page of this card using the procedure you have above.
When you get there, locate and click on the Reset Password button.
Then, give the required information, like your name, account details, card expiry date, date of birth, and card number, just as indicated, if it is so.
Finally, complete this process by clicking on Next.

What Should I Do If My Card Is been Stolen Or Lost?

Provided that your card was illegally taken or lost, contact the customer service using this number: 0333 220 2692 if you are in the UK. If not, call +44 113 244 9747.

Does This Card Have A Mobile App?

The marble card provides you with a mobile application with which users can access their accounts without having to use any search engine. Android and IOS users can get this app.
If you are having an IOS phone, you can download this app using the link below:
For Android
Android users can also get this app using the link below:

Marble Credit Card Payments

How Do I Pay my Card Bills?
With respect to this, you are to visit once more your cards login page then, search and click on the payment button located on the login dashboard.
But if all effort to do this online proves abortive, see to it that you call this number: 0333 220 2692.

Alternatives to the Marble Credit Card

Now I will be comparing this card with other cards, so you can fish out that which makes this card good or bad and know what your next step will be towards this card.

Aqua Rewards Credit Card Vs Marble Card
The Aqua rewards card is a good card that can be used to make better, one’s credit history and charges no foreign transaction fee. This is a card for those who travel a lot and want to take advantage of that to enable them to rebuild their credit history.

Capital One Classic Card card  Vs  marble Card
Sincerely speaking, Capital One Classic Card card also a decent card for those with bad credit history and lives in the UK. This card uses the soft search tools with which users can check their history. Customers are being approved for this card, provided they are qualified for the pre-application QuickCheck process.  You can be given a credit limit of £200 to £1,500 as a cardholder.

Vanquish Classic Card Vs Marble Card
You must have heard of the Vanquish classic card, it is a renowned card in the UK that helps those having a bad credit history to improve their credit and unemployed citizens are qualified for this card.

However, it has a credit limit of £150 and £1,000, which is low and an APR of 39.9% which is high. Customers will have to check to know if they are qualified for the card, using the tool provided for this.

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