Today, a lot of people are interested in how they can make money online. In as much there are several legitimate ways through which you can make real cash online. You must be careful about the fast ways to making it quick.

Make Money Online

Permit me to share an interesting story I copied from the wall of Ronald Nzimora.
In 2001, I was a starry-eyed University student, who was desirous of making it big in life and becoming rich.
I was looking for businesses opportunities that would make me a lot of money. I tried different things.
In 2003, November to be precise, I stumbled on internet marketing, through Success Digest magazine.
Over the next few years, I would try almost everything published in the paper – affiliate marketing, information marketing, Google Adsense, you name it.
In 2006, one particular money-making scheme came up which attracted hordes of fans. That scheme was/is known as HYIP.

What’s  HYIP? It’s called a High Yield Investment Programme.

Basically how it works is this:
To make money, you put in some money, and then every day or week, or month, depending on the particular HYIP website you registered with, you would earn a percentage, maybe 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 50% and even 100% again depending on the HYIP site.
It looked so easy. Just put in money and wait for sometime and bam! You get a percentage.
It looked too good to be true but nothing tried, nothing gained, right? So I gathered my school feeding money and bought eGold (remember them?) worth $50 and “invested”.
The following week, my money had “grown” to $100. My HYIP company paid 100% of your money every week. My oh, my! I was totally sold!
Now to make money more, I needed to reinvest my money which was now $100 which I promptly did. The following week, I had $200.
So I went around school preaching this stuff. I even preached it far more than the guy who introduced it to me. I got others to “invest” and with each investment they did, I was scheduled to be paid a 10% “commission bonus” for the referral.
I went looking for more money to borrow to invest because my thinking was if I had gotten $200 with just $50 in two weeks, imagine how much I would get if I invested $500!
The guy who introduced me to it went to his Mum, borrowed her retirement gratuity and invested another =N=500,000, roughly about $5,000 then!
That week he had earned $13,000 including commissions!
I could see my riches coming. My dream cars, my beach house. I prayed to God morning and evening thanking him for remembering me.
It was like a blessing to everyone, and naturally, people poured into this scheme.
One day, I got a call from Nonso, the guy who invited me. He sounded desperate, his voice shaky as he asked me if I had checked my HYIP account. I said no.
“What’s the problem, I asked?”
“I can’t see the money in my account anymore”, he said. “My money is gone.”
When he said that, I felt my heart sink, my stomach turned and I suddenly felt sick. If I remember correctly, I think I pissed a little hot urine on myself.
“Where are you?” I asked. He was at a cybercafe town, so I jumped into a bus and went to meet him.
As I was logging into my own account, my mouth was dry but my account opened!
“Ah! Thank God” I said.
Anyways, Nonso had requested for the HYIP company to send him $7,000 out of his $13,000 which was perfectly okay to do. You were allowed to request a payout anytime you want, between Monday – Friday.
However, after he had placed the request, he logged in a few days later, and his balance was no longer there. It had been wiped out. In fact, the page that showed your account was no longer opening.
“It must be something wrong with your account I said. Have you emailed them?” He had emailed but got no reply. Called the numbers on the website, but they were not going through.
So I placed a payout request of $100, and suddenly, my own account balance was wiped out.
Sweat started forming on my brows. I refresh the page again and again, still the same thing. The account balance page was no longer opening.
We went back to school hoping that things would change. It didn’t. It took me several days to come to terms with the fact that my $200 abi $50 was gone forever.
Someone in Iran, Russia, Ukraine, only God knows where had taken my money and it was gone.
Nonso’s mother’s gratuity was gone. All the monies by those I introduced? Gone! I and Nonso became almost like outcasts in the school. Nobody wanted to deal with us anymore as far as business was concerned. We were blamed for the con.

Why am I telling you this story?

This story is familiar to lots of people today, they can relate to it one way or the other they have been involved in one of the various Ponzi or pyramid scheme as the case may be.
In as much as some people claim certain people have made money from one of these schemes. I doubt if any has been made rich by these schemes. The principles behind Ponzi is the principles of gambling; often called rob Peter to pay Paul.
You can never get rich that way if you continue deep into the scheme, ‘loses will always cancel gains’.  Wealth and Riches never come by gambling, they come by effectively putting into action the laws, the principles of wealth creation.
Sports betting, investing in HYIP schemes, and being paid to read emails or completing surveys are ways by which people make money online. But they’re not real online businesses. A real business is what you own, run, and have control over the income it brings.
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