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Legacy Credit Card

The Legacy credit card is actually an invitation Visa card, which is designed specifically for consumers who have poor or bad credit. It offers them a way they could use to easily rebuild their credit up to good or excellent. It is not a secured card as many think. It’s an actual credit card that does not requires you to make any deposit. So as soon as  you get an invite in the mail, you can then step on to apply for the credit card online via a secured link

Legacy Credit Card is a card provided by the First National Bank. The card has some great rewards and benefits but they come with an up-charge, which can be discouraging to some who intend to have the card.
Do you know that the Legacy Visa Credit Card is a card designed for people with low or average credit? if you have bad credit, then you can consider using this card. Since the credit card also enables customers, who have had financial crises, to enhance their credit card rating.
With the Legacy credit card, you are sure to enjoy all the Visa benefits, that come with the card, as well as be able to restore your damaged credit.

Legacy Credit card

Legacy Credit card


The legacy credit card offers the following benefits;
  •     Cardholders get a decent fraud coverage plan, in case the card is lost or stolen
  •     Customers always enjoy a 24X7 online account management
  •     This credit card user does not need to have an excellent credit score to get approval for the card.
  •     Since it is a visa card, it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  •     The card helps you to rebuild your credit score.

Card Features

  • The Annual Fee is $75 (billed at $6.25 per month)
  • It has an APR of 29.9%
  • Initial Credit Limit: $350 to $1,500, depending on your credit
  • Optional Programs for Cardholders are the PREMIUM Club membership ($4.95/month) which gives you discounts on prescriptions, dining, rental cars, hotels, and entertainment
  • You get a Payment Protection Plan ($0.89/$100 of monthly balance) this helps you to avoid late payment fees since you have to makes the minimum payment. Except if you are unable to pay for a qualified reason (unemployment, disability, hospitalization, military leave, certified family medical leave, jury duty)
  • Legacy Visa Minimum Payment: If the balance is less than $30, the minimum payment is the full balance. If the balance is greater than $30, then the minimum payment is $30 or 4%, whichever is greater, or 1% of the balance plus late fees and interest

Other Legacy Visa Fees:

  • it has a $25 for late payments
  • $25 for returned payments
  • 2% of the amount for cash advances or a minimum of $20
  • You are charged $20 as an authorized user fee that is if applicable.

Is Getting the Legacy Credit Card a good choice?

Well, These Points Might  help You
  • You enjoy saving on travel and entertainment: If you sign up for the  Credit Card’s PREMIUM Membership program, you will receive discounts on travel expenses like hotels and rental cars, as well as savings on entertainment and dining. Select prescription medications may also qualify for a discount.
  • Protection against the unexpected: The Legacy Visa Credit Card’s Payment Protection Plan ensures that you won’t fall behind on your payments if you find yourself unable to pay due to a sudden job loss, hospitalization, or other unexpected events.
  • The company will pay your card’s minimum balance each month up to a maximum of $5,000 until you get on your feet again.
  • You must be enrolled in the program for at least 30 days before filing a claim and you cannot make more than one claim within a 120-day period.
  • Simple online account management: Once you sign up for the card, you will be provided with a Legacy Visa Credit Card login that you can use to manage your account, change your alert settings, view your account balance, and set up automatic payments.

Legacy Credit Card Application

  • Go to the card’s webpage
  • Next click on the link to apply
  • Enter your reservation number,
  • Then you have to Verify your mailing address,
  • Completely fill the acceptance form, and verify that your information is accurate.
  • To conclude the application Accept the offer.
You can also send the acceptance form using mail, to do so use the following address
PO Box 5097
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5097

You can Check Legacy Credit Card Application Status

To check the application status of your Legacy card,  call the number 1-605-782-3391

Guide To Activate the Credit Card

To activate the newly acquired Legacy credit card, call at 1-800-642-0014

Legacy Credit Card Login

  • Visit the login page of the Legacy credit card
  • Next, you are to provide your Username and Password
  • Finally, tap on the “login” tab to access your account

How To Recover Username and Password

 Visit the “Forgot password link”
 Provide the following details; Username, Last 4 digits if your social security number, Mailing zip code
 Finally, tap on the “Find my account” tab to regain your account

How to Make Legacy Card Bill Payment

  • Get signed in to your account
  • Immediately you sign in, you will locate the payment tab
  • Tap on it, and choose the payment option, that best suits you.

Legacy Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

Call: 1-888-883-9824, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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