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HSN Credit Card Login – Quick Win on HSN Credit Card Payments

Everything You Need To Know About HSN Credit Card

Now to start with, this HSN credit card [ HSN Credit Card Login ] has more than a billion-dollar retail investment however, these investments are controlled by the QVC. It gives special financing on all household purchases, which is why customers tend to use their HSN card whenever they are making purchases, to enjoy this unique financing. Sadly, the APR for this is high yet it offers no rewards.

HSN Credit Card Login

HSN Credit Card Login

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However, this financing can only be given to customers who are able to make purchases of up to $399 and more on certain purchases (like climate control, electronics, floor care, fitness, sewing, mattress, and furniture).

Those in possession of this card are to pay fully the financed amount on time, to avoid paying interest on all purchases, when the special financing terms elapses. Because this card does issue deferred interest.

Apart from the special financing, users also enjoy what we call EtraFlex payments on certain goods and pay no yearly fee. Also, users can enjoy the VIP Easy Returns which is advantageous.

The uniqueness About this HSN Credit Card

Enthusiastic customers of HSN who are able to use wisely this card and make their payments early enough will surely enjoy this card.

When the HSN first started, there was nothing like the internet but, we now have the internet and as a result of this, the company has been able to make a lot of sales online. However this might be good for some people but, not to others.

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A great deal of payment plans is made available to HSN customers. An example is the FlexPay which handles every HSN clothing, accessories and jewelry purchases, and offers extra rotating categories.

It allows you to divide your payment and have them paid monthly. Those customers who make large purchases and even those who wish to pay completely their payment without having it divided can go for, the interest-free FlexPay.

Know it that the HSN card can only be used for HSN purchases. It is not like the Discover, Visa and MasterCard, etc which can be used elsewhere. I must say, this is a good card for regular customers at HSN.

Due to the fact that this card assists you in building your credit, has a good introductory APR, demands no yearly fee yet gives you special financing on certain HSN purchases. Customers at HSN tend to apply for it.

Adversely, as you enjoy your card be mindful of its interest rate since it offers no rewards and there is a limit to its special financing. This could cause make it worthless.
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HSN Credit Card

Furthermore, those who spend too much and even those who fail to pay fully their monthly payment will end up having their interest rate increased. And as such, they can no longer build their credit.

Although, the card comes with a VIP introductory APR period on huge purchases yet it increases its interest when customers are unable to pay back completely and on time for purchases made. Which is what we call deferred interest.

It is true that customers are being given $5, for having purchased with their card goods with the UPS Returns label, sincerely speaking that is actually a discount. I said so because after making such purchases, you are to pay transport (shipping) fee of $6.95 to $8.95. Though it is based on the nature of the goods and this will be taking from the refund. This is what makes it a discount and not what you expected to be.

So, the HSN card is a store-branded card issued by Comenity Bank. It is a card that demands no yearly fee, gives special financing but has a high APR.

In addition, it can only be used at HSN shop that is to say it is not like the Visa or MasterCard, which can be used elsewhere.

What I like about this card is, it allows you to split your payment and have it paid monthly, gives VIP Easy returns and discounts. Example: using the Easy Return label, it possible for you to make up to six VIP Easy Returns each year, this gives you $5 for purchases at HSN.

Therefore, I advise you to reduce your spending to enable you to increase your savings and. see that you make your payment on time and complete. To enable you to develop your credit score.

Facts to Note About the Card | HSN Credit Card

For things that qualify for VIP, funding will not be accepted for ExtraFlex. Credit required.

  • HSN credit card accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank.
  • The offer does not include any future Auto-Ship® delivery.
  • The maximum number of FlexPays can not exceed six.
  • 12 months VIP financing – If you have paid in full for 12 months, interest on items $ 499 and above is not paid.
  • If the balance during the promotion is not paid in full, interest will be deducted from your purchase date.
  • A minimum payment is required for each Credit Plan.
  • The amount of payment required for each billing period should not be less than $ 27 (or less if you have an account).
  • Minimum balance payments are not guaranteed during the promotion period.
  • You may need to pay more than the minimum to avoid paying accrued interest.
  • Your minimum payment may be higher if you have not opted for advertising. Suitable for one deal only. Funding is only available for electronics, home, kitchen, crafts, sewing, fitness, health, and toys. Credit required.
  • 29.24% is the purchase APR.
  • The default variable APR for HSN credit card based on Prime Rate is 29.24%.
  • The minimum interest rate is $ 1.00 per credit plan.

What Can I Do To Get One For Myself?

If you are an HSN Customer and wish to apply for this card, I will like you to put into consideration the fact that this card requires a good credit score ( precisely above 650). Especially, if you are applying for this card to enable you to enjoy special financing and build your credit score.

Application Procedures

To apply for this card, go to its homepage  Click on the Apply Now tab So, you will be given access to its online application form.

HSN Credit Card Login

You can assess the login menu using this link
Next, enter your login details i.e your Email and then your Password
Then click on the Sign-in Tab.

Forgotten/Lost Login details

Did you forget your Password?
Click on forget password link seen just below the login menu
Follow the instruction to reset your password.

How To Make HSN Credit Card Payment – HSN Credit Card Login

The payment procedure for this card is easy because HSN has provided three different ways of making a credit card payment. So, customers can make a payment on their card using their cell phone, mail, and internet.

Paying Through Phone

Using your cell phone; you just have to make use of the toll-free number: 888-724-6649 if you have this card or 866-702-9947 if you have an HSN MasterCard. As you do that, remember to follow the instructions given to you and pay the required fee because that is what this method demands of you.

Online Payment

If you wish to use the online method, you are to be in possession of a bank routing number and checking account number. But, you may follow the procedure below if you have that mentioned above.

First, you are to visit the homepage of this card. As soon as you get there, indicate the type of card you wish to make a payment on then, give your User ID and password to sign in to your account.

Then you can now, click on Pay Online and read the terms of the bill payment agreement before clicking on the I Agree to the option to continue with the payment procedures. Remember that you are to use the directions given and see that payments are made before 8 p.m. EST on the day you are to pay your card bills so, you will not have to pay a late payment fee.

Therefore, you can program online payment before time to avoid unintended late payment.  Know it that as a new customer, you are to create an online card account so you can sign up and make your payment.

Mail Payment Procedures

Going by this method, you are to send your payment to this address:
Comenity Capital Bank
P.O. Box 659707
San Antonio, TX 78265

But your statement is needed. However, if your statement is not available, you can use your card account number to avoid your payment being sent to the wrong account. Like the online procedure, you are to make your card payment before 8 p.m. EST on the payment day.

For more information on this card, you can use the toll-free number: 888-724-6649 to speak to a customer service representative.

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