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Hrblock Sign In Easy Guide – HR Block Emerald Card

Hrblock Sign In

HR Block Emerald Card is an easy way for cardholders to receive their tax refund and loan and these that can be withdrawn at any ATM that has MasterCard, Cirrus or Maestro logo. H&R Block Emerald Card is issued by BofI Federal Bank.

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Hrblock Sign In Procedure

  • Visit

  • Click on “Sign in to my account”, then click on “Sign in”

  • Input your username and password

  • Click on “Sign in” to enable you to have access your Emerald prepaid MasterCard account.

Hrblock Sign In


Hrblock Sign In

Loading Card With Money

There are four methods to load your card with money. They are ; direct deposit, money transfer, approved reload network, and checks.

  • Direct Deposit

To make a direct deposit payment through online setting or calling the customer care service for help. With this, you can include your payroll, welfare money, cash, tax refund or even loans to your car without issues.

You can also load your card using MyBlock app.

With this app, you have access to choose how fast you want the payment sent depending on how immediate you need money. Although, you may be charged some fees if you want the payment in minutes other options are free.

  • Money Transfer

You can send through money transfer when you link your checking account and your H&R Block Emerald Card together. But, you will have to login to your account online to use this feature.

  • Reload Network

You can make payments using any reload network stipulated by the bank. This could be, Walmart stores, Dollar General or any other location nationwide. You can use the MyBlock app to check for stipulated stores around.

You can load your card at any approved reload network like Walmart and any other location nationwide. The routing number is 101089742.

Activation Procedure

It is essential to note that you can’t use the card without activating it first. There are different methods to activate your card with. That is through online method, mobile app and calling a customer service provider.

But for now, there is no provision made yet to activate your Emerald prepaid MasterCard online. Although, if you received your card in person from the H&R Block office, you can activate your card after your tax refund is received into it.

But, if you received your H&R Block through mail, you can activate your Emerald card by putting a call across to Emerald Card customer service or through Emerald Card mobile app.

Call center procedure :

  • Call Emerald Card call service center with 1-866-353-1266

  • Tell them your intentions of calling, that is for card activation

  • Give them details of your card like CVV number, card number and so on

  • You will need a unique pin for your card. This pin will be used each time you use your card.

When your card gets activated, you get to make purchases at stores nationwide, make bill payments and withdraw cash at any ATM.

Cardholders are also entitled to cash-back if they qualify for purchases made at some retail stores using their card. There is no annual, setup and surcharge fees attached to the card once cardholders make purchases.

Mobile App procedure :

Another way to activate Emerald prepaid MasterCard is through the mobile app. The app is accessible for download on Google play store and iTunes.

Once you have downloaded the mobile app and it has been installed on your device, launch the app and click on “Manage your Card”. Follow the preceding instructions to have your card activated.

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