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The Havertys Credit Card

You can easily contact the Havertys store or online to finance your purchase using this credit card from Synchrony Financial. To apply online, go to the link below. The Synchrony Financial app opens in a new window where you can access your Havertys credit card.

What credit scores are needed?

630 credit points

A Havertys credit card is a very good credit card if you have a fair credit (or higher). Their rate is much higher (above 20%). If you want to apply, we recommend you have a credit score of at least 630. If you are unsure of what your credit score is, you can always check up your report

The card that offers a different promotional financing alternative that goes from a year and a half to three years. The credit card can be used in stores and online to take advantage of limited-time financing offers on your purchases. The Havertys Master Card is usually given by Synchrony Bank of Delaware.


The Havertys Credit Card


  • Cardholders enjoy 0% of the cost of the five-year loan for purchases of $2,999 or more, sheets for the store and purchases of $1,999 or more.
  • No interest payments every time users make payments in full within 6, 12 or 18 months
  • Offer 24 or 36 months without interest, with a 10% deposit required.
  • Offer a valid 24-month offer for $ 2,500 buyers or gradually after a certain discount.
  • There is a 36-month offer that applies to buyers at least 3,500 after redemptions
  • The Purchase Annual percentage Rate of 29.99%
  • The minimum interest charge is $ 2.00
  • The late payment fee is $ 38

Havertys Credit Card Login

Visit the Havertys credit card home page on the Synchrony Bank page at

Tap the “Your account” field.

In the Login segment, enter the user name and password.

Click on the login tab

Recover lost user ID and password
On the login page of the Synchrony Bank page
Tap the “Find a username” link
On the next page, enter your registration number, the last four digits of the SSN, Date of Birth
Tap the “Continue” link to recover any lost username or password.

Apply for Havertys Credit Card

The application process is quite easy, simply go any local Havertys store to apply or simply apply online for the card

  • To apply online, visit the Havertys application page
  • Enter into blank spaces provided, your details (details required in the fields)
  • You have to Enter the required individual information in the area provided
  • Next, provide the required contact information.
  • Fill in your security details
  • and Financial Information and Net monthly income with its source
  • You can then include a joint applicant and choose the method statement delivery you desire
  • Next Read the card security Debt Cancellation Program Agreement and then click on the “Continue” button

Checking Your Account Status

To check the status of your The Haverty credit card, just call 866-396-8254

Activating The Havertys Credit Card

To activate your Havertys credit card, contact the Customer Center at 866-450-5289.
Or, on the other hand, use the phone number on the back of your Mastercard.

Is Your Card Lost Or Stolen?

Cardholders whose Visa card has been misplaced or stolen can simply contact the company’s representative with 855-875-1850 to report the issue.

Want To Cancel Your Account?

For any cardholder who wishes to terminate the Mastercard account completely, can contact the Customer Support Center at 855-875-1850.

Making Payments With The Card

To make payments with the credit card, cardholders must log in to their account via
Log in to your account dashboard

Enter your customer’s name and password, click on login, search for your credit card and tap Credit card payments for your bills.

AutoPay, bill payments can be deducted from the financial balance each month on the payment due date.

Havertys credit card customer service center
The customer service number of the Havertys credit card is available 24 hours a day; please contact us at 1-866-396-8254.

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