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Gordmans Credit Cards

Gordmans Credit cards is a card offered by Gordsman Chain Stores, a popular discount chain store located in the Midwest.

The card comes with benefits and rewards for its customer’s shop often in the store with their card though its use is limited to the Gordmans, who limit card utilities.

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With the Goldmans Reward program, you get 5% of every purchase when you make purchases with the credit card.

Without this card, those who are program members will receive 2.5% of their money used on purchases back.
The reward programs give you the leverage of earning at least a 1.5% cashback without having to get the card.

When you get approved for the card you will receive a one-time discount and annual birthday discounts on your card. Also, there is no annual fee on the Goldmans card.


gordmans credit card

Gordmans Credit Card

Quick Facts on the Card

This store card is issued by Comenity Bank. As most Store rewards cards usually offer discounts on certain goods or purchases.

This card is for users with a bad or limited credit history. The issuer can expect recent or past defects in your credit report.

It comes with vary rates for Applicants which is dependent on their creditworthiness but the lowest standard is APR is 29.24% (variable).
Main Charge
There is no APR for this card, so the standard rate is applied immediately for a good purchase or after the grace period. No annual fee charged for this card.
This card is a store or brand rewards card where you can expect rewards, gift certificates, or payments for your purchases, according to the offer details.
Credit record required
Based on the FICO rating recommendations, the issuer can expect applicants to find a history of credit problems or work to improve their credit reputation.

Though a FICO credit score of 552 credit rating approval is highly recommended, it is not required since the card is designed for those with poor credit history.

There are many other factors that this issuer might want to consider when deciding your approval your debt ratio, recent credit inquiries, 30-day delays, or at most your current credit score may affect the credit decision.

Perks  And Benefits

Gordmans credit cards have a grace period duration of at least 25 days *. Therefore, if the balance is fully paid before the Gordmans due date, interest charges will not be applied to new purchases within that period.
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The Gordmans credit card is not the richest card, but it can save a few.
As a sign-up bonus, you get 15% off your card approval date. So, if you are in the store and want to make a great purchase, this is the best time to get a card.

You also get a 20% discount on your birthday.
Standard Gordmans Rewards participants get one point for every $ 2 spent, but cardholders earn 2 points for one dollar.
Every 100 points you earn, you get a cashback for $ 5 at Gordmans shopping. That’s a 5% return from Gordmans.
You Receive

  • 2 Gordmans reward points on each dollar spent
  • 15% discount on your first day purchases after applying for the card
  • 20% off on your birthday
  • $ 5 reward for every 100 points earned
  • There is no annual fee
  • Points earned are redeemed at 100 percent at Gordmans worth $ 5. Points will not expire in as much as your rewards are still active.

Gordmans Credit Card Application Online

Is this card right for you? Then follow these steps below to apply for Gordmans credit card
Visit this page to Apply

Scroll down and you fill in all the necessary bio-data information
So Fill the form presented in the new page with your personal data, Your Contact details, then ascertain if you want to add an authorized buyer. If no, click on continue with Application;

Follow all the instructions the conclude the application. If you approved you will receive a confirmatory message.
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How To Activate Card

To Activate Your new credit Login to your account to Activate your card  or contact the issuers’ customer care at – 1-866-322-1316 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788)

Gordmans Credit Card Login

with your online account getting a lot of thing done is much easier today. you can make all necessary transaction from your device with any stress.

To access your online account

  • Go to the login page
  • Then key in your Username and password
  • Scroll down click “sign-in” to access your online account to perform your transactions.

If you do not have an online account, you can create an online account by following the steps below.

Create Your Online Account

To register for an online account. The process is quite very simple, so do so immediately to enjoy the ease of online transactions
Use the link

Recover Forgotten Username and password

  • On the Login page just below the login menu click on “Forgot your username or password”
  • On the new page key in your account number or Username, Zip code /postal code and the last four numbers of you social security number and ever necessary info
  • Then tap on “find my account” tab
  • To restore your details

Making Gordmans Credit Card Payments

To pay your bills, you can pay through Mail, phone and stores
You can pay your bills by credit card at any Gordmans store, or through phone by calling 800-743-8730, by mail or online.

If you have created an online account at Gordmans, you can easily pay bills online, view monthly reports, change contact information, sign up for paperless payments, and more.

You can even access your account using your mobile device
Gordmans customer service phone number
For additional details, please send us a message via Secure Message Center or call Customer Care at 1-866-322-1316 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788)
You use the email To contact them. You get a response between 1 – 2 business days.

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