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gohenry Credit Card
The Go Henry debit card is a pre-paid card for kids that are still under the control of their parents. This card is designed for children who are from the age of 6 – 18 years old. It is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited and can be used anywhere Visa card is accepted even in the UK and abroad, and it is contactless compatible. For more details, just continue reading.

The card is an easy, great and fun way to pay your kids pocket money and teach them good money habits. Gohenry is a debit card and app with unique parental controls for young people aged 6 to 18
gohenry has a cost of  just £2.99 for each child every month, and you canalways cancel at any time


  • This card gives parents the opportunity to set up regular pocket money transfers and make payments for their children.
  • With this card, parents can set single and weekly limits on expenses for their children.
  • It can be used in a store or online, even at cash machines according to parents setting.
  • You can lock and unlock your card through its website or the app.
  • Parents have the opportunity to see how their children spend or make purchases while they use this card.
  • This card has no risk of debt, overdraft, or even hidden charges.
  • You can even invite your family members, relatives to assist you with your children’s saving.
  • You can set up tasks for your children to complete and receive additional money.
  • Children are given a discount whenever they make purchases at the Cinema and theme park tickets and other things with the store.
  • Their savings and spending, weekly rewards are seen graphically, which is an easy-to-use educational format.
  • You can also get alerts always, even on that of failed transactions payment.

Gohenry Credit Card

Gohenry Credit Card

The Fees

  • You will pay a monthly membership fee of £2.99 for your child.
  • Withdrawing money from an ATM in the UK is free.
  • But withdrawing from any ATM abroad is  £2.
  • If you wish to load money to your parents’ account ( that is from your bank account) is 50p.
  • From your debit card is 50p.
  • Every Go Henry Visa card purchase in the UK is free.
  • But for every Go Henry Visa card purchase abroad is 2.75%.
  • For replacing your card, you will pay £5.

Apply For A gohenry Card.

  • To apply for this credit card, visit this website:
  • As a parent, you are to fill the form with the required information.
  • Then, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Next, you are to supply your child or children’s details.
  • After that, give your security information
  • Finally, you can now choose your card design.

Gohenry Card Login

  • To login, that is to access your online account, go to the login page of this card.
  • When you get there, give your Email or Username in the specified field.
  • Then, your password or pin.
  • Lastly, you are to click on “Login”

Note: If you want to activate your credit card, you are to the first login to your account for the necessary information.

Recover Your password, Username, Or Email Address.

For password:

  • Go to the login page, then give your username or email address and click on “Send me the link”.
  • The link will be sent for you to reset your password.
  • For username or email address:
  • First, give your first name, last name, date of birth.
  • Next, you can click on “Show me” to recover your username or email address.

Closing Your gohenry Account.

For those who wish to close their gohenry account for one reason or the other, just contact the gohenry credit card customer service using this number: 0330 100 7676.
You can also call this number  0330 100 7676 if you wish to make inquiries.

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