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A View on The Gm Card – Gm Card Login [ Gm Credit Card ]

Gm Card Login
General Motors (GM) is a company that deals with automobiles. It deals with cars like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. The card is designed for customers to earn rewards whenever they make use of GM Card to make purchases or rent any car offered by General motors.

This Card can be used by anyone including GM employees and qualified individuals. This card is a product of Capital One. When you enroll for online access, you tend to have card rewards without expiration, cash rewards, make transactions and so on.

GM has a series of credit cards Such as GM BuyPower card, the BuyPower business card, and GM Extended Family Card.

Benefits Of GM Card

  • If qualified, customers have the leverage of redeeming their rewards at any of the General motor outlets.
  • No annual fees attached.
  • No intro purchase APR when used in the first 12 months.
  • Customers are entitled to 1% earning on their GM Extended family card.
    It has unlimited earnings
  • The card is good for those trying to establish credit and those who want cash-back rewards
  • The card covers travel insurance on injury, death, lost, stolen luggage or damages.

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Features Of GM Card

  • No Foreign Transaction Fee
  • 25 days extended grace period
  • $25 return payment fee
  • $10 or 3% cash advance fee
  • There is no charge on the local transaction.
  • $38 late payment fee
  • 0% APR on the first 12 months then 14.15% – 22.15% after 12 months
  • 14.15% – 22.15% transfer APR
  • 27.15% cash advance APR
  • 31.65% penalty APR on Late Payment

GM Extended Family Card

This is one of the cards issued by Capital One. Cardholders earn from any purchase they make using the card. The card has a validity of seven years. You can manage your account by first of all enrolling online.

After your enrollment, you can have unlimited access to any transactions you want to make online and can also manage your account the way you want to. You can use to check for offers and earnings.

Gm Card Login

Logining into your online account allows you to track your earnings and also view offers

Log in Procedure for GM Card

  • Login to GM homepage using the link
  • Input your personal details including your username and password
    Click on “Remember Me” for easy access next time you want to login
  • Click on “Sign in”

Forget Username/Password Procedure

Login to the sign in page
Click on “Forgot Username/Password”
Input your name, SSN and your date of birth
Click on “Find Me”

Registration for Online Account

To create an online access to your account, you need to first enroll. To enroll, you need to follow this format;

  • Visit
  • Click on “Set up My Account”
  • Type your name, date of birth, SSN or your account number
  • Click on “Find Me”
  • Select a preferred username, password and security questions
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Click on “Submit” afterwards
  • Your account can be accessed online after your registration.

Contact Information
Make a call to 1-888-316-2390 for enquiries or submit your complaint on your online account.

Payment Procedure

Online Payment

  • Sign up to
  • Click on “Sign In To Capital One”
  • Click on “Sign in” if you already have an online account or “Set Up My Account” if you do not
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on “Sign in”
  • Click on “Pay”
  • Input your payment details
  • If you do not have a Capital One online account, click on “Set up My Account” and follow the remaining procedure.

Login to the capital one GM homepage
Click on “Sign into Capital One”
Click on “Enroll Now”
Enter your last name, SSN/ITIN or account number and date of birth
Click on “Find Me”

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Capital One GM Card Contact Information
Customer service number: 1-877-277-0948
For application:1-877-557-2622

Contact Information for GM Extended Family Card

Mailing Address: GM Extended Family Card, P.O. Box 090770 Milwaukee, WI 53209
Make a call to 1-800-947-1000 to make your enquiries or log in to your account and lay a complaint and enquiries online.
And 1-800-446-5347 to call for BuyPower Business Card enquiries

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