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GameStop Credit Card | GameStop Rewards PowerUp Credit Card | Is it a good Card Option

GameStop Credit Card

The GameStop Credit Card is a credit card that comes with a PowerUp point bonus after your first purchase.

The main offers that the GameStop Credit Card has is the ability to finance purchases at GameStop.

When you shop with the card you earn PowerUp points with every purchase made using the GameStop Credit Card.

There are really no special point-boost for using the credit card, as you typically would with other store-branded credit cards apart from with the ordinary PowerUp membership.

Unlike most of the other store credit cards, the GameStop Credit Card does not have significant benefits for signing up. Users can earn a low sign-up bonus and not much else.

The card which advertises the ability to pay for all your purchases made later. A one-time point bonus is given to Basic and Pro members upon the first purchase made with the card.

A Pro membership is a paid membership for $14.99 annually. The issue we believe with the card is its high APR of 27.24%, which is quite high for the card.

GameStop Credit CardGameStop Credit Card

GameStop Credit Card Benefits and Rewards.

No Annual Fee: This card’s lack of annual fee, enables the card’s modest rewards to benefit you rather than simply help to counteract a fixed cost thereby giving the card a place in certain spending levels.
15,000 bonus points for PowerUp Rewards Pro Members and 5,000 bonus points for Basic Members
Cannot be used outside of GameStop
No Annual Fee
APR is 27.24%
The first-purchase bonus is 15,000 points given to Pro Members and 5,000 points given to Basic Members. This is approximately $12 and $4 respectively in the value of these bonuses.
No Credit Needed

This card helps you to build credit capability because you can get approved for this card with only low credit.

The GameStop rewards credit card has “Exclusive Cardholder Offers” which is beneficial to a card user. (e.g., 5,000 bonus points for $250+ purchase).

How does the GameStop Credit Card Work?

This credit card is an extension of the retailer’s PowerUp Rewards program.

Only members of the program are eligible to apply for the credit card, and the card can only be used at the GameStop stores or the GameStop website.

The credit line extension for this card depends on each applicant’s credit history and typically ranges from $250 to $3,000.

To request a higher limit, a call can be placed to the customer service to speak to a supervisor for manual approval.

The balance may be paid off by the customer in full each month or make smaller payments over time, which results in interest charges to the balance

How to become a GameStop member?

To become a GameStop member, You need to make a purchase of PowerUp Rewards Pro membership or upgrade from the Player.

PowerUp Rewards program, at any participating GameStop store. It cost just about $14.99 OR you can simply upgrade to Pro when you redeem 15,000 points in the PowerUp Rewards Catalog

How to Apply for the GameStop Rewards Credit Card

To begin, go to the application page using the  link of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card to begin
On the web page, click on the “Apply” tab towards the bottom right of the screen.

You will be directed to a new web page that displays the benefits of the credit card. Just below the list of benefits, you will locate a button that reads as “Apply Now”. Click on it to go further with the application process

Next all Provide the necessary information by the card issuer and the bank will approve your credit card application within 7-10 days.

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