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Fullbeauty Credit Card Review – A Generous Store Card to Consider

Fullbeauty credit card
The Fullbeauty credit card is a store-branded credit card that has a good reward for shopping at fullbeauty issued by  Comenity Bank. The fact that it gives you double rewards, on the day of your birthday, makes it a generous card.
Though it is known to have no annual fee but a high APR that is up 28.99% that is not different from other store-branded credit cards.
The fullbeauty is among those that give store-branded credit cards. The store-branded credit card from fullbeauty cannot be used in any other place but in the fullbeauty stores since it is not linked to any major network.
Since it is a store card, it is basically good for those who make purchases often at fullbeaty and get to be a reward for it.
In terms of reward, it can be a good boost for regular customers. It gives 2 points for each dollar spent in fullbeauty stores. The 400 accumulated points can be redeemed in cash.  And you will be having a reward rate of 5 %, which is the same rate you get with the Hot Topic credit card or Venus credit card.
Also, on your birthday month, you will be given double points and exclusive rewards. So you will get a 10% reward rate if make purchases from fullbeauty stores on the day of your birthday. It also gives a 4 free shipping reward which is valid on a certain date. To apply for this card you are to have a credit score that is from 620-850.

Fullbeauty credit card

Fullbeauty credit card


  • This credit card has no annual fee.
  • It has a purchase APR of 28.99% variable.
  • It has a recommended credit score of 620 to 850.
  • Is a card for customers who regularly shop at fullbeauty and want to receive decent rewards for it.


  • You will get 2 points for every $1 spent in fullbeauty stores.
  • Given $10 rewards after accumulating 400 points.
  • You get  exclusive offers and double points when ordering products in the month you were born
  • Have access to different cardholder benefits throughout the year.
  • You can be given free shipping options 4 times per year.

As a result, you shall get a store-branded credit card that has a good reward rate. Those who made regular shopping at fullbeauty stores can also get this credit card.

What Makes it A Good Card?

  • This has a good reward rate, which is 15 %. Which can be increased to 10% on the day of your birthday. .
  • Has no annual fee
  • Gives an exclusive bonus throughout the year.
  • It easy to get this credit card.

Any Drawbacks?

  • This can be used at full beauty only
  • It comes with a high-interest rate
  • You get the free shipping bonus only on specific dates.

Apply for Fullbeauty Credit Card.

If you wish to apply for this credit card you can do so online, using these steps below:

  • To submit an application, go to the homepage of this credit card and click on “APPLY HERE”
  • Then, on the page which appears, you are to search and click on “Apply Now ” just below the image of the card.
  • On the next page is the application form with the terms and conditions of this credit card above it. Read carefully the terms and conditions of this credit card.
  • Scroll down the page to proceed if you agree to the terms and conditions of this credit card.
  • You can now start filling the form. That is giving the required personal information like; Name, email address, etc.
  • Give the required contact information.
  • Also,  you can add an authorized buyer ( that is someone who can make purchases from your name and use your card’s balance). If you want to add a check “yes” below “Add Authorized Buyer”.
  • When you are through with the application, click on “Continue”.
  • After that, you will see a page with a notification telling you that you have successfully submitted your application.

You may also see the result of your application immediately. But if there is no result, it may be that the bank needs some days to consider your application.

Fullbeauty Credit Card Login

Once you have gotten your fullbeauty credit card, you are to sign up for online access. So, you can be able to; check your balance, pay your credit card bills, or check your reward. But you are to always provide the required login details and complete the login process.

To Get Started,

  • Go to the website of this credit card,
  • Under the login section, click on “Open URL” to access the website, and you will see on the left, an online banking form.
  • Begin by supplying the requested information.
  • If you wish to save your username for future use, just click on the button next to “Remember Me”.
  • After entering all the required information correctly, you can now click on “Sign In”.

Provided that all the required information was entered correctly will have access to your online credit card account. And you can now use it to your satisfaction.

Need to Make Payments On Fullbeauty Credit Card.

Surprisingly, there are three ways that you can use whenever you want to make a payment. And we have them all in this article.

Through Online Banking
The first method being the easiest way to make payments, is by doing so through online banking. So, you must be registered for online access. Then, follow our steps on how to “Log in” and login to your credit card account. When you are through, you can now make your card payment.

Through Phone Call
The second method is through a phone call. If you wish to use this method, then call this number: 1-888-252-5484 and follow the instructions given to you.

Through Mail
The third method is the longest method, that is by mail.  This involves using a letter and mail to indicate the purpose of your payment. To do this just use this address:
Comenity Bank
PO Box 65978
San Antonio, TX 78265-9728.

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