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Fortiva Credit Card
The Fortiva credit card is s good card that gives its customer the opportunity of building their credit scores. This card gives its customer a purchase APR, the cash advance APR, annual fee, and balance transfer APR that suits their creditworthiness.

That is the lower your credit score, the more you will pay. Sadly this card does not give any reward or bonus. If you have gotten a letter with a special code, from this company and wish to apply for this credit card in order to build a good credit score, you can use this guide. Contained in this guide also is the features, login process, and the payment making procedures for this credit card.


fortiva credit card

Fortiva credit card


The fortiva credit card has the following features:
Customers with poor or no credit history can make use of this card.
It has an unsteady purchase APR of 21.99% to 36%.
This card has no fraud accountability.
It has a recommend credit score of 350 to 690.
The fortiva card gives free VantageScore3.0.
This is a card for a customer having a low credit score and wish to have an unsecured credit card.
As usual, this credit card reports your credit score to the three major credit bureau.

This card is one of the most admired cards for a customer that has low or no credit history. To apply for this credit card, you must have gotten a letter with a special code from this company. That is only those with a special code from this company can apply for this credit card, as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, this card has no reward or bonus, is an unsecured {that is, you have to pay no security deposit} and it has a specific credit limit. So, you will have to wait for your credit score to rise before your credit limit can be increased. Since they are helping you to build your credit score this is necessary.

Furthermore, we can see that the aim of this card is to assist customers in building their credit score. But even at that, I advise that you use this credit card wisely. So, take into consideration the fees and APR of this card which are high, and avoid using it to borrow money. This is my advice to you.

Our View

Looking at the above features, you will notice that the Fotiva credit card is a card for building a credit history, not a card for rewards or cashback or bonus.

So, you can consider the Discover It Secured Credit Card if you can afford it and you need reasonable cashback and other remarkable features.

Advantages of Fortiva Credit Card.

This card can be used everywhere.
Those having low or no credit history can apply for this credit.
It reports your credit score to the three major credit bureaus.
Also, you can be pre-qualified for Fortiva MasterCard, that is you are kept away from hurting your credit score.

Disadvantages of Fortiva Credit Card.

This credit card has very high fees.
It also has a very high balance transfer, cash advance, and Purchases APR.

How To Apply For Fortiva Credit Card.

Only those who have a letter from this company are qualified to apply for the Fortiva credit card. If you have made the decision to apply for this credit card after receiving that letter, follow these steps so the application process will be easy for you.
First, you are to visit the homepage of this credit card. When you get there, search and click on the “Respond To A Mail Offer” button.
Then, give your acceptance code in the required field, on the subsequent page.
After that, click on the “Submit Code” button.
Finally, complete the application form, by giving all the requested information to complete the application process for this credit card.
With this, you will be approved for the Fortiva credit card and it will be mailed to you together with the documents.

How To Login To Your Fortiva Credit Card Account.

Having a Fortiva card online account is necessary because, with it, you can do or carry out specific tasks like making the payment on your card and checking your balance. So, get yours.

For that reason, you are to first go to the homepage of this credit card. As soon as you get there, you will see at the top of the page, the website’s menu. Search and click on My Account and you will be taken to the login form of this credit card.
On that page, you are to sign in to your credit card online account. So, complete the form with the required information.
Your username is to be submitted in the first field in that login form.
Then, give your account password in the second field.
You can also save your username for future use when you tick the box next to Remember My Username.
Just click on the Sign In button, to submit your details.
Having submitted the required information correctly, you can now access your credit card online account.

How to make a payment on your Fortiva Credit Card.

To make a Fortiva credit card payment, you just have to log in to your credit card online account following the steps above. From there, you will be able to make a payment on your credit card.

If you wish to send yours through mail or using your phone, just bring the letter given to you earlier, by this company and you will get all you need to do so.


Alternatives To Fortiva Credit Card.

So, we shall be comparing this card with other unsecured credit cards that can be used for building credit. For this reason, I bring to you Ollo platinum Mastercard an unsecured credit card.
The Ollo platinum Mastercard is a decent card that demands no annual fee, gives you a free online FICO score or an automatic credit line increase and other rewards. But, has a high purchase APR and a credit score higher than that of the Fortiva credit card. Also, this card comes with limited fees.
Ollo Platinum MasterCard Vs Fortiva MasterCard.

features of Ollo Platinum MasterCard.

This card gives an automatic credit line increase.
You are to pay no foreign transaction fee.
No annual fee is required.
Does not come with any fees.
It has a recommended credit score of 580 to 700.
Comes with an unsteady purchase APR of 24.99%.
This card is for customers searching for a good unsecured credit card that has no annual fee.
It gives you your FICO score for free online.
Has no fraud accountability.
Besides, the Ollo platinum Mastercard comes with limited fees. Example, you do not need to pay any foreign transaction fees, therefore it can be used abroad. As you can see, this card has no annual fee but has decent features like the automatic credit line increase and the free online FICO score. While the Fortiva credit requires a high annual fee and lacks special features.

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