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Fit Credit Card – Designed to Help You Build Your Low Credit

Fit Credit Card

Are you concerned about your low credit rating? Would you like to increase it again? Then The FIT credit card is a good place to start. Since an Advance security payment will not be demanded from you.
Although there is no guarantee it will take from you fewer charges and money than what is required for a secured card.

How Real is the Fit credit card?

This credit card is a good card designed for cardholders who needs to rebuild low credit score, by sending your monthly payment reports to all three major credit bureaus available.

When you get the card, you get an initial credit limit of $400. As a cardholder you are eligible for an increase in your credit limit after six months.

The Fit MasterCard – Credit Card has high fees for the processing which you are expected to pay in just once.
As a result, a lot of users will enjoy any secured credit card instead of the FIT MasterCard. Although the card is often rated very high.
 Assuming you are eventually unable to muster up the required down payment required from you, it is still possible for you to see something more suitable than the option of subscribing to the FIT MasterCard.
For all those intending to increase their credit rating to a more suitable rate, thus particular card usually given by Continental Finance is a great option. As a card user, it will help you to rebuild or to re-establish their credit. It helps to increase ease your present credit to a good credit score.

Fit MasterCard - Credit Card 

Fit MasterCard – Credit Card

Reasons you might want to use Fit MasterCard – Credit Card

If you are seriously thinking about including this particular MasterCard to your other cards, there are things to look at to help you make that decision:

The major benefit of this card is that it accepts bad credit and helps you to rebuild your credit

This card Permits different credit options

  • There is usually a $400.00 credit limit at the beginning
  • It sends appraisal credit report documents to 3 of the most important credit bureaus
  • Method of application is pretty fast and simple to follow through the online outputs
  • Useable anywhere that allows the use of MasterCard
  • 24/7 access is available to you free if a charge
  • A monthly maintenance fee of $10 after 12 months

Facts About The Card

  • Annual Fee is $125 for the first year, then becomes $96.
  • The card has a Monthly Fees of $10/month charged after the first year.
  • APR is charged at 30.49%
  • Initial Credit Limit is  $500
  • Sometimes you might be requested to put a $50, $150 or $500 deposit, making the card a partially or fully secured card

Making Bill Payment

To make bill payments you can log in into your online account to so or simply call the number 1-800-518-6142 to make the payments.

FIT Credit Card Application Online

Go to the online using this link
Just fill out the application on the FIT Mastercard website.
In most cases, you should know instantly whether or not you’re approved.
Take Note that Approved applicants are expected to pay an $89.00 Processing Fee in order to open your account and access your available credit.

Login FIT Mastercard – Credit Card

Go to the login menu of the Fit Credit card,
Enter your Username and the password in the specified field.
Click on Submit to log in your account.

Username and Password Recover

To Recover Username/Password
Click on the forgot username/password link below the login menu
You will be redirected to a new page, enter your account number, and other detail to recover it.
The Fit Credit Customer care number
For more information on this credit card, call the Fit card customer care at 1-866-449-4514.
Other Options
And just in case the FIT MasterCard is not ok for you, there are other cards we would present below to help you make a better choice of cards.

The first is the Discover it® Secured card

The very important feature of the Discover it® Secured is its ability to offer a handsome reward to its users. For instance, for each $1000 you use in the purchasing of gas or stuff from restaurants, you get a 2% cashback, plus another $1 cashback for every other form of purchase.
Apart from your limit on your credit, the limit on how much you can receive a benefit from the use of this particular card is limitless. This credit limit usually begins at $200.
Amazingly, you don’t need to pay money regularly on a monthly basis to keep it going. And by the time eight months is over, Discover it® Secured card systematically shortlist you to be lifted to the next level of the unsecured card.
The APR values made available for users in the Discover it® Secured card is very encouraging at a value of 25.24%, though this is usually changeable.

The other second viable option which users can look at as an option is The Capital One® Secured Mastercard®.

With this card, you don’t have to pay all the demands at once, you reserve the option of breaking down the payments in installments. For the first credit you receive of $200 line, you are charged either $49, $99 or $200.
This is determined by your level of credits. You are not charged fees for processing. Also, there are zero yearly fees. When you are able to make your first five payments on time, Capital One will automatically consider you for a credit limit increase.
There are really no benefits from the use of this card. It is simply just a good option to rebuild your credit score. Therefore, as soon as your level of credit score increases, you can locate another card that will offer you better options in terms of reward.

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