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Experian | Experian Login | Experian Free Credit Report

Experian | Experian Login | Experian Free Credit Report

Is My Credit Report important?

Yes, it very important to have your credit reports. Your credit report is a basic knowledge tool that helps you in making wise financial decisions. Checking your Credit Report regularly is just one of those things you can do that helps you make good financial decisions.

Another factor that affects your financial decisions is detecting signs of identity theft early.
With the free Credit Report from Experian which you can get every 30days, you can be better equipped in making certain financial decisions.

Experian | Experian Login | Experian Free Credit Report

Take Note that No credit card is required to obtain this credit report from Experian.

Your Credit Report comprises of information often needed by lenders and others. They use it to determine how you effectively you make payments, the full picture of your credit state, also ascertain if your accounts are in good standing.


Experian | Experian Login | Experian Free Credit Report

Experian | Experian Login | Experian Free Credit Report

What Does the Credit Report Contain?

  • Personal  information: Your name in full that have been used, All addresses used, date of birth, social security numbers and its variations, and your employer’s information
  • Accounts: this involves credit and installment loans including account status, contact information, credit limits or loan amounts, recent payments, and individual or joint responsibility
  • Payment information: All Monthly payment information on all your accounts
  • Public records: this includes bankruptcies, tax liens, and civil judgments
  • Debts: Debts owed on all accounts including mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans
  • Hard inquiries: A “hard inquiry” is placed on your Credit Report whenever you apply for a credit card.
  • All Negative information: which includes late payments, collections, settled accounts, repossession or voluntary surrender, charge offs, and other derogatory items

Is Getting Your Credit Report From Experian Worth it?

Credit Report often captures the financial information that lenders need to determine your creditworthiness. This includes the type of credit accounts, current balances, payment history, and any derogatory items you may have.

  • Enables you to get your latest credit information

These are the same type of information that lenders see when they request your credit.
You will also get a summary of your account totals, total debt, and personal information.

  • Empowers You to Keep Abreast of Facts

Get an updated Experian Credit Report every 30 days when you sign in to your account.
Information is often added to your Credit Report. Every 30 days your Account information is updated.

  • Enjoy Free Credit monitoring

This help s you to Monitor your Experian Credit Report daily since you receive alert notifications when key changes occur.  Credit monitoring is a great tool to can help you quickly detect any identity fraud and can help prevent unforetold circumstances when you apply for credit.

You also receive notifications when new inquiries, new accounts, public records, fraud alerts, and personal information updates are detected on your Experian Credit Report.

  • Notice Online Disputes Early

You can always check and correct any inaccuracies on your Experian Credit Report for free. If you notice any inaccuracies on your credit report, you can use the Experian Dispute Center to submit and track your disputes online.

Is my Credit Report updated Regularly?

Creditors often send information monthly to the credit reporting agencies. This is based on the date fixed by each organization but every 30 days your information submitted by the creditor to the necessary bodied which then shows on your Credit Report.

How to Get Your Annual Credit Report from Experian?

The federal law says you are entitled to a copy of your credit report annually from all three credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax® and TransUnion® – once every 12 months. Thus to get your Experian annual credit report online, and by phone or mail, simply visit To apply for it.

Experian Login

  • To login to your account. Use the Link to assess the login page
  • Click on login.
  • Next, Enter your registered username and password to log into your Experian account.

Experian credit report contact number

By Phone: You can Contact Experian’s National Consumer Assistance Center with 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742). If you already have an Experian credit report you can dispute your information online. Or, contact the center with the phone number on your report.

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