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Virginia EPPICard – Manage Your Child Support With EPPICard VA


EPPICard VA gives you access to child support funds. The Virginia EPPICard is just like a any other debit card. The card is also used for making purchases at retail stores, make bill payments, utilities, and withdraw at ATMs.

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EPPICard is issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia for parents, commonwealth employees, and others. The card allows cardholders easy access to their checks and the card is safe, secure, and easy to use. Cardholders can easily access their cash electronically to their EPPICard account.

You can call 1-800-961-8423 or use an online account to access and manage your account.

For those residing in Pennsylvania, here is how to access your child support funds using EPPICard PA.


  • East fund access

With EPPICard PA, you get credited immediately you receive funds and it’s processed. This gives room for you to access funds instead of waiting too long for your check through mail.

  • Access to customer support

Cardholders have unlimited access to website throughout the entire year. Also, you will not be charged when you make a call to the customer care service using the number 1-800-961-8423.

  • Unlimited internet access

Cardholders are entitled to unlimited internet access to the website which gives them access to managing their accounts.

  • Accepted nationwide

EPPICard VA has a MasterCard logo that makes it easy to withdraw money from any ATM having the logo anywhere in the country.

  • Secure and easy to access

The card is FDIC insured which makes the card secure to use. Cardholders can also withdraw money using their personal information number (PIN).

  • Cash back reward

Cardholders get cash-back rewards when they make purchases at stores participating nationwide.

Bill Charges for transaction with Virginia EPPICard

Replaced card – After one free, cardholders pay $5 every 3 years

Withdrawal at MoneyPass – Five free withdrawals then $1.45 afterwards

Expediated Card Alternatives – $15

Domestic Bank Transfer – $1.50 per transfer

Balance Inquiry for other ATM – $0.50 for each inquiries

ATM Denial – Two free then $0.50 afterward

Withdrawal from other ATM – $1.45 per withdrawal

Bank Teller Window – Two free then $2.50 afterwards

EPPICard VA Balance Checking Procedure

One way to check account balance is through inquiry by calling EPPICard Virginia customer care number and the other method is through online.

Online Method

  • Login to

  • Click on “VA”

  • Then click on “Continue”

  • Input your User ID and password

  • Click on “Sign in”

With this, you have access to your transaction and managing your account.

Mobile Method

Check your balance by sending an SMS for free. But, before you have access to this, you need to register. To register, call 1-800-961-8423, follow the instructions and select “Account services”. Then you’re registered.

If you have a missing or stolen card, make a call to 1-800-961-8423 to report your situation.

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