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Emporium Credit Card – Apply Emporium Credit Card | Why Get this Card?

Emporium Credit Card

Do you have a bad credit score, then the Emporium Credit Card is just one of the cards you can apply for if you have a bad credit score. Beyond the fact that you can get approved for the card in a matter of seconds. With the Emporium Preferred shopping card account, you are offered up to $5000 shopping credit, with early payoff discounts, instant application, and other benefits.
Emporium Credit Card
With the card, your record is submitted to the major credit bureaus this, in turn, helps your credit score to improve with time.
The Emporium Credit Card is a store card provided by the Pacific Credit Group for use only at Emporium online stores i.e  No annual fees are charged using the card. Card users also enjoy the option of “Buying Now” and “Pay Later over time”.

Any Benefit Using the Card – Why Get this Card?

  • Once you are approved for the card, you automatically receive a credit spending limits of $ 5,000 with at least a $300 deposit.
  • Having this credit card account requires no costs or down payments
  • Your approval for the card comes in a matter of seconds.
  • The card accepts bad credits
  • Prior approval does not affect your creditworthiness.
The Emporium is a large commercial site so you have access to buy from over 100,000 branded products, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Gucci, Prada and great for people with bad credit. They can use their credit cards to buy branded items while rebuilding a credit limit.
However, you must meet certain criteria to be approved of the card.

Emporium Credit Card Application – Criteria

  • You must be over 18 years old,
  • Must have an active checking account,
  • A verifiable income since your purchase is not fully a legal purchase until the debt is repaid.APR – from 37% for 36 months to 100% in 12 months

Basic Facts

The card has no Intro Rate APR
No Annual fee charges
The interest rate charged on the card is 37% for 36 months and 100% for 12 months. So paying over 36months gives you better leverage of paying with low interest.

Apply For Emporium Credit Card

First, you have to visit the homepage to begin the application.
Enter your personal and contact details
next is your security details and then a verifiable active saving/check account
Then a pre-approved authorization code (if applicable)
Enter your password, confirm your password.
And Click on the “Apply Now” tab.

Take Note Presently as at the point of writing this article. Emporium has temporariy stopped issuing account for their online stores.


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