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Emerald Card | Emerald Card Login – Quick Guide

Emerald Card
The Emerald card is an excellent prepaid card that gives its customers the opportunity to make a fast and secure money transaction, easy shopping, and making of payment like bill payment, etc. It also offers; bonuses, free reward balance, cashback offers, gifts, credit points, etc.
Emerald Card
The card is offered by the H&R Block, Inc.,  Although, once you get a new Emerald card, you are to activate it completely to take advantage of its benefits, if the activation process was successful. you can enjoy all the possibilities and offers that come with the card. To enjoy these offers, you have to complete the Activation / Verification task.

Activate the Card?

If you are among those seeking help on how to complete their Emerald Card Activation Process, here is everything you need to know about activating your Emerald Card.

Needed Requirements

  • You are to have the following documents, to be able to complete the activation process :
  • An H&R Block online account and a good User ID and password.
  • An ID proof for your verification
  • A registered phone number
  • And the new card number, CVV Code, Activation Code, security code, expiry date, etc.
The activation process can be done in three different ways:
  • Using Activation Phone Number
  • Done Online
  • Via the Mobile App.

How to Activate Your Card Using The Online Procedures.

  • First, you are to visit the website.
  • Look for the H&R Block Services and click on the option to Activate your new Card.
  • Continue with the prompt steps to activate your new Card.
  • Note that you are to complete all the steps correctly to activate your Card.
  • You are to give the required Emerald Card details such as; CVV code, card number, etc.
  • For verification purposes supply your personal details.
  • Do not skip any step,  make sure you complete all steps accurately.
    If you are through with the above steps, know it that in 2-5 minutes your card will be completely activated. And you will be given notification, telling you about the successful completion of your activation process.

To Activate Your Emerald Card Using Your Phone?

  • You must First and foremost, contact the customer care executive using this number: 1-866-353-1266.
  • Once you have been connected, choose a language of your choice and request from the executive the
  • Emerald Card Activation via Phone Number.
  • Do exactly as you are been told to, give your card details and other required Information for verification purpose. If this was done properly, your Emerald Card activation phone process will be complete.

MyBlock Mobile App to Activate Your Card

To activate your card using the MyBlock Mobile App, follow the steps below:

  • You are to first download the MyBlock Mobile App on your smartphone.
  • Open the App to begin the activation process.
  • After opening the App, you will see different options on how to use it.
  • Then, search and click on the “Manage your card option” go through it, and click on the Activate option.
  • Follow the steps which appear on your screen to activate your card.
  • If you are through with the above steps, you can access this Emerald some minutes after completion.

Some More Tips

You can Contact the bank please if you did not activate your card using any of the above procedures.
Do not share your personal details through E-mails, SMS, etc with anyone.
Then, annihilate the temporary card if you had before.

If you have any problem with this card Activation or any other card visit their website for more details.

Finally, if you had recently collected a new Emerald card from the bank and wishes to start taking advantage of its shopping and other attractive features, just pick an activation process of your choice and complete your Emerald Card Activation Procedures.

Emerald Card Login

After activating your Emerald Card and intend to manage account either to view account details or perform any transaction online you can log into your Emerald account.
First, you should log in to the homepage Using the link.
Click on Emerald Card Login
Next, fill in the username and password and click on the green ‘Sign In’ button

How to Reload The Card

If for any reason you need to reload your Card then you can do so by visiting any of the Walmart stores, Dollar General, or any other authorized locations. Users can also get the MyBlock mobile application to find any of the closest Emerald Card reload locations to them.

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