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Dillard’s Credit Card Login – All You Should Know About The Card

Dillard’s Credit Card Login

A regular customer, that is anyone who shops often at Dillard’s store must have heard of the Dillard’s credit card and might like to apply for it, to get special rewards and discounts on purchases. But I advise, do not do so until you must have understood all about this credit card.

This is because you might be given a credit card you do not like. That is why we have done an extensive review of the subject.


Dillard’s credit cardHow Does the Dillard’s Credit Card Really Work?

The Dillard’s credit card are of two different types which are: the Dillard’s American Express® Credit Card and the Dillard’s Credit Card.

The Dillard’s American Express® Credit Card can be used at places where American Express is recognized, while the other card can be used only at Dillard’s webpage and it’s stored.

Each of these credit card is issued based on your credit history, that is your credit history will tell if you are to be given a Dillard’s Credit Card or a  Dillard’s American Express® Credit Card. So, you may not the card of your choice when you apply for one.

Both the Dillard’s American Express® Credit Card and Dillard’s Credit Card gives you the opportunity to get 2 points for each dollar used for purchases at Dillard’s stores or online.

Using your Dillard’s American Express® Credit Card, in particular, you may receive 2 points for each dollar spent at U.S. gas stations and grocery stores.

Your points can be restored for a $10 bonus certificate or 10% off shopping pass that is suitable for just a day’s purchase. If you get 1,500 points. You can even make your choice, that is selecting the way you will like your points to be restored.

This can be possible provided you contact the customer service asking them to change the default choice, which is the 10% discount pass.

Although, for you to get these 1,500 points for a $10 bonus certificate, you are to make purchases of at least $750 at Dillard’s.

Which is a 1.33% reward on purchases? Choosing a 10% discount bonus could make you purchase more than your budget, but your points may increase provided you make purchases of more than $100.
Note that your points become invalid after a year.

Is the Card Worth  Applying For?

  • There are benefits to enjoy being a Dillard’s Cardmember.
  • If approved, you can start using it for shopping instantly.
  • You Earn a 10% Off Welcome Shopping Pass in your first statement as you open an account and charge $100.
  • There are no annual fees and None no Competitive APRs.
  • A user receives points1 when shopping with your Dillards’ card.
  • For every 1,500 points you earn, you are eligible to receive your choice of a 10% Off Shopping Pass or a $10 Rewards Certificate.

All Cardmembers

  • Receive 2 rewards points for each  $1 spent on purchases when you shop with your Dillard’s card at Dillard either in-store, online, or by phone.

American Express® Cardmembers

  • Get 2 rewards points for each $1 spent on purchases at U.S. gas stations & U.S. grocery stores.

American Express® Cardmembers

  • Get 1 rewards point for each $1 spent on purchases everywhere

What Credit Score is Needed to Apply for a Dillard’s credit card?

If you need to get this card a fair score of about 640 can get you this store card. Though that is not a guarantee of being approved for the card, if you have at least a Fair score, it increases your chances for approval.

How To Apply

If this card interest you,  you can easily apply for the  card  IN-STORE or BY MAIL
Simply find any of the nearest stores. Applying in store takes just a few minutes to conclude. Find your nearest store.
To perform the application by mail, you can call 1-800-643-8276.

Elite status.

If you obtain an Elite status, you may get more value from one of the Dillard’s credit card. You can be eligible when you make purchases of at least $2,000 using your credit card in a year, other rewards are free gift wrapping in-store, free standard shipping for online purchases and a chance to get 2 points for each dollar used for purchases whenever there is a special event. Also, your Elite status can be used for a year.
Whichever, decisions you wish to take, think carefully to avoid mistakes.

Many people are of the opinion that the Special financing rewards And Purchase APR are vague.
We all know that retail credit card has a high APR and as such we should not be astonished that the Dillard’s credit cardholders are expected to be conscious of high-interest rates and fees. Is it a result of, lack of clarity?
Also, the two Dillard’s card does not give the same purchase APR.

So, the purchase APR of Dillard’s credit card may be from 19.74% to 21.74%, and that of Dillard’s American Express Card has an unsteady purchase APR which can be as low as 6.74% or as high as 21.74%.

This is because Wells Fargo gives only little guidance on how applicants’ APRs are charged and the contingency that you may be given a card with a purchase APR that is not steady.

Avoid Carrying a Balance from month to month.

Through the 0% introductory APR for 12 or 24 months on selected purchases, the Dillard’s cards conceal the potential for future interest rates while it gives customers a “special financing” plan.

But according to the card agreement, you are not to pay any interest on the balance for these plans, these look like delayed interest rewards which when you fail to pay, can charge interest on all the balance and not only the balance you have left.

So,  I advise that you pay your balance always, in full and early. If not, you will have to pay more interest compared to what you will get from them.
The only option when you have a limited credit history.

Those with a limited credit history will hardly get a credit card company that is ready to approve them for a card, of which they may find it difficult to build their credit. But the retail credit card may be useful in this type of condition.

Increase Your Credit History

However, setting up a positive history with your card,  your credit may increase and you will be eligible for other cards that give many options. So long, you pay your balance fully and early each month because the fees and APR are frequently high anxiety could place you on big debt.

If you are among those who can make purchases of $2,000 or more at Dillard’s in a year, then this card is a good option for you. Because you can get an Elite status and enjoy the additional benefits such as; gift wrapping and free shipping.

Above all, it is a good option for those who wish to build their credit history and with it, you can make purchases regularly at Dillard’s but not at other department stores. So you can use this credit card to build your credit while you try your best to be approved for another credit card.

Alternatives If you do not like this credit card

Those who are not satisfied with the features of this credit card and how it is being managed by it issuer can try this three credit card:

Discover it® Secured Credit Card: This is a good card for those who wish to build their credit from the beginning.

Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® with Cash Back Rewards: If you are looking for a variety of purchases then here is another good option. Store Card: The last but not least, this is a card for those that make more purchases online than in stores.
For more information on each of the following credit cards just read our review on them.


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