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A View on Costco Credit Card – Costco Credit Card Login Guide

Citibank Costco Credit Card Login

What a great card to use. This card is known to come with great rewards for purchases made on gas, restaurant, and travel expenses. And there is no annual fee other than an annual Costco membership.

If you are a Costco member, you can apply for a Costco Anywhere Visa ®card issued by the Citi Bank, which is a card with great rewards when used in-store.

costco anywhere visa card

Thus Costco Credit Card is a card designed for gas purchases and Costco. To be eligible for rewards, you will need to contend with the annual membership fee only to redeem your cashback once a year.

With the Costco Credit Card Login, you access your account and earn cash rewards on every purchase made.

It is great for Costco Anywhere Visa members because they are given additional benefits like getting cash for gas, food, and other things. Now Costco is partnering with Visa and Citigroup to give more rewards for while using the credit cards. If you are already a Costco member, then Costco credit card is a good have in your wallet.

A View on the New Citibank Costco Credit Card Login

Good to know that the card offers a 4% cash discount on the first $ 7,000 gas purchase each year, then after that, you get a 1% cash backreward

Costco’s new credit card also comes with a 3% discount offer on travel and meals, including international meals! while the old American Express version of this card just offered only 2% without meals at restaurants located abroad.

Other Costco purchases made with the new card accounts for 2% cash back when you make purchases from Costco and on online. You are also eligible to get 1% on all purchases offered. I.e 1% cash for other purchases.

There is no annual fee on this card, but you will have to top up in the spring to participate in the annual Costco membership.

You can always redeem your rewards for shopping vouchers to use Costco.

Users enjoy Protection from damage and theft. If items purchased with your card are stolen or damaged within 120 days of purchase, you may be refunded or refunded for repairs.

No fee is charged when using the card for foreign transactions

It is good to know that You can use the card instead of your Costco membership ID.

The Citi bank issues this credit card.

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Features of This Card

  • The APR on for Purchases is at 16.74% subject to change
  • APR for Cash Advances is 26.74% this is subject to change
  • Variable Penalty APR – 29.99%
  • No Foreign Purchase Fee
  • Cash Advance Fee – $10 or 5%
  • The Balance Transfer Fee is about $5 or 3%

Costco Credit Card Benefits

  • Users earn 4% cash back on purchases everywhere Visa is accepted.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee.
  • With a paid Costco Membership, no annual fee is required.
  • The users are liable to 3% cash back on purchases in restaurants and travel purchases.
  • 1% cash back on other purchases and 4% cash back on gas purchases.

Citibank Costco Credit Card Login/Online Bill Payment

Citibank Costco Credit Card Login PROCEDURES

You can also access your online account anytime you wish to from your electronic device with ease. This means you make any transactions any time of day from wherever you are

  • On the homepage, via this link, you will see a ‘Sign on’ icon.
  • Click on it and input your personal ID then select ‘continue’.
For forgotten Personal ID, here are the things you should do to retrieve your information;
  • Click on the ‘Forget your Personal ID’
  • Input your credit card number then click on ‘Continue’. Your details will be displayed afterward.

Costco Credit Card Payment

  • Log in to your Credit Card Account with your correct login details.
  • Follow the log in steps above
  • You will see the “Payment” tab. Click on it and you can select a payment method.

Activation Of Card And Registration Of New Account

Call 1-800-347-4934 and provide the necessary information.

Costco Credit Card Application Guide

Application Eligibility.

To be eligible for the card,

  • You must be 18yrs of age and
  • Must have an SSN with a government-issued ID.

To apply, you need to contact a financial advisor.

The following steps for enrollment ;

  • log on to the homepage using the link and click on the ‘Apply Now’  button.
  • You will read the cardmember  agreement
  • Provide all the necessary personal information and fill in the form.
  • Go through the Terms and Conditions then click on “Submit”.

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Application Eligibility and Credit Card Cancellation

After applying for a credit card, users can also call the customer care service to check eligibility status and to cancel a credit card account.

Customer Care Representative




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