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Citadel Credit Card
The Citadel credit card is one of the cards issued and offered by the citadel bank. This is one of the many cashback credit cards. with this card, you can earn a cash discount which helps you to save while spending.  This is one of the many cashback credit cards, this means that you earn cashback just by spending with this card.


Citadel Credit Card


  • It does not charge an annual fee or a transfer fee
  • The Cardholders receive a 1.5% cash discount off all purchases made
  • Cash discounts can easily be deposited directly into your Citadel account or savings account
  • Provides users with easy and convenient cash-back access through online banking and mobile banking
  • Get even more money by buying from the Citadel Cash Rewards Mall
  • Update your card information to receive automatic payments using Mastercard automatic updates
  • Bonus on Balance transfer offer is up to $ 300
  • The Citadel Rewards credit card is compatible with all Citadel wallet portfolios that can be purchased on a regular basis
  • It also offers generous credit limits
  • Solves the problem of identity theft
  • Enjoy extended warranty with selected purchases
  • You are protected by the Mastercard Global services for lost or stolen cards
  • Make purchases with confidence using Price Protection.
  • The annual fee is $0
  • Balance Transfer Fee is $ 0
  • Cash Advance fee is 3% of the paid amount, minimum 10 USD, maximum 100 USD)
  • Fee for a foreign transaction is 1.1% of the transaction amount in US dollars
  • Charge for late payment is $ 25
  • A refund check fee is $ 25.

How To Apply for a Citadel Rewards credit card

Go to the Citadel page
After opening the website, launch the application, and completely fill all the required information sections, provide the necessary details.

Check the box seen to indicate that you are interested in protecting your credit with debt protection when unexpected happens

Then click on Next to go to the subsequent section and conclude the application.

Guide to Activate the Card

To activate the newly purchased Card for use, Simply call 800 666-0191.

Login to Citadel Rewards credit card

  • To sign in and access your account
  • Enter username and password
  • Click on login.

Making Citadel credit card payment

Sign in to your online account
Find the payment button
Choose a convenient payment option and make a payment for your invoice.
Citadel Rewards the number of customers for the credit card
Call: (800) 666-0191 to access your customer service agent.

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