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 Simple Guide to CheapOair Credit Card Login – Application

CheapOair Credit Card Login

CheapOair Credit card is designed for customers who enjoy making travel expeditions. The card is issued by Synchrony Bank. the card is a useful reward card that has no annual fees but comes with rewards.  Users of this card have a choice to choose between using earned points on airlines, cars, hotels or cruise booking or get a 6-months interest free financing on purchases made on CheapOair.

The card has an online platform that allows users to login and manage their accounts to the best of their capacity. The card can be used to book tickets and make travels.

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The online platform makes it easy for customers to make inquiries on different airlines and choose the one they feel comfortable flying with. More on this is the 6 points derived from every one dollar spent on the website and 2 points on every one dollar spent elsewhere. To get these points, you log in to the CheapOair website when making your bookings. The annual percentage rate is between 16.49% – 26.49% depending on the creditworthiness.

cheapoair credit card login


  • Users get 6 points on every dollar you spend on
  • The card also has 2 points on every dollar you spend other places Visa credit card is accepted
  • You get a 4 point spent on every dollar you spend on food using your CheapOair credit card
  • There is a reward of 7 points on every one dollar spent when you make online purchases using
  • You can get points on flights, hotels, and cars made on
  • If users make purchases of $500 upwards, they get $50 statement credit as long as it is within the first 90 days of opening a CheapOair account.

 CheapOair Credit Card Login Procedure

With an online account, users tend to have access to checking their transaction history, setting up their account notifications, request additional cards, make account updates, and much more. To log into your online account, all you need do is to provide your User ID and password to have access to your account. Here is a practical way to do it;

  • Login to the CheapOair home page using the
  • Look for the login option and input your User ID
  • Click on “Secure Login”
  • If your User ID is correct, you can now enter your password
  • Click on enter

Forget User ID Procedure

If you forget or lost your user ID, it is easy to retrieve it by doing the following ;

  • Login to the CheapOair home page
  • Click on “Lookup User ID” that is below “Secure Login”
  • On the new page, you will need to input your account number and last four digits of your SSN to enable you to reset your User ID

Forgot Password Procedure

  • Log in to CheapOair website
  • Input your account number
  • Click on “Next”
  • Confirm your account and you will get a new password

Payment Procedure

There are different ways of making card payments. Payments can be made online and through autopay

Online Method –

  • Log in to CheapOair website
  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Payment”
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and the account you will be making the deposit from

Autopay Method

You can also register for an Autopay which enables your bank or credit company to automatically deduct money from your account on the due date that you set.

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Activation Procedure

To use your new card, it is very important to get your card activated. To do so, call the CheapOair customer service provider with the number 1-800-566-2345 and request for help with activating your card.

Contact Information : 866-883-0908


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