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A Quick Guide to Cerulean Credit Card Login and Make Payment

Cerulean Credit Card

Situations come in life when you seek an alternative because we were denied approval for the desired. This is just one of those cards you can get when you are battling with bad credit and have been denied approvals for any application done earlier. The Cerulean Credit Card is a card provided by Continental Finance in partnership with Discover and Mastercard.
Cerulean Card | Cerulean Mastercard
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What Is Cerulean Credit Card?

  • Cerulean credit card issued by the Bank of Missouri but the Credit card service is provided by Continental Finance.
  • The Continental Finance has stood out in its provision of various variety of credit cards for consumers with low credit card history.
  • If you have a bad credit history and are having trouble finding your credit card, we suggest that you consider strategies for improving your credit history.
  • The credit card is majorly promoted through mails. Customers are invited to submit their reservation number to enter a pre-approved offer

Continental Finance Cerulean Discover® credit card
Cerulean MasterCard

Cerulean Credit Card

Cerulean Credit Card

Features and Rates

Customers are required to pay an annual fee of $ 75, and after the first year, customers add a monthly service fee to their account.
The first credit limit on this card is about $750, and cardholders are given the chance to increase their credit limit after using the card for about 6 months.
The annual fee is charged at $ 75 year, your account will be charged monthly. The monthly payment for this credit card is charged at $ 12 per month. i.e $ 12 monthly fee

You may also be charged for not paying off your card balance, delaying your payment or exceeding your credit card.
Additionally, cardholders may have to pay to increase their credit limit.
In addition to the high fees associated with this card, high-interest rates are set for customers. Cerulean Credit Card APR is 29.9%.

This is a very high-interest rate and so any consumer who does pay off his card balance is subject to huge interest charges.
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Check Other Alternatives for Customer with bad credit

One credit card you can consider is the Petal Credit Card. This card does not rely solely on credit history for approval and there is no annual fee. This card helps you to rebuild your credit before trying to apply for the Cerulean card.

Alternatively, consumers may want to consider secured credit cards. Discover it Secured Card is a great card since it has no fee option.
Some customers may not be interested in the Discover it Secured credit card, because you have to deposit the first initial deposit.
It is still a good option to consider. Since the $300 initial deposit is refunded on the card. Therefore, we suggest that you save your initial deposit before applying for the card.

Cerulean Credit Card Payment Online

  • If you already have a Cerulean credit card, customers are advised to pay their bills online.
  • Requesting paper statements require additional fees, but electronic submissions are not charged.
  • Cards are serviced through the online payment portal of Continental Finance.
  • To set up an online account, you need to register your credit card.
  • Go to the online payment portal to register.
  • Once your credit card is registered, you can manage your account payments online
  • If you wish to get this credit card, then you have to create your credit as soon as possible in order to find the best option for your credit card.

Some tips include:

  • Try to read your credit report in case of any signs
  •  You must pay off your existing debt and make the payments on time
  • Keep your credit usage as low as possible (credit limit)

Cerulean Credit Card Apply Online?

  • You will not be able to apply online unless you have a mail offer.
  • So begin by calling1-866-449-4514 toll-free and request for the offer to be mailed to you.
  • If you want to apply for a Cerulean Credit Card, you need to also enter your reservation number and social security number on the main page of the Cerulean Card website.
  • After entering this information, you will be redirected to the application page
  • You’re being approved for the credit card is based on your credit history
  • The terms and credit limit given to you will vary depending on your credit score

Cerulean Credit Card Login

You have to log in to your online account to be able to do any transaction. That is if you have an online account with them.

  • Click on the link to access the login page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Then click the Login box to access your account.

If you do not have an account, you can register for an online account using the link given.
Provide your personal, bank account information, Cerulean Credit Card details, username, password, SSN and other credentials that may be demanded from you during the registration process.

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