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Quick Steps to Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Login – Application and Card Activation

Bank of Amereica Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Cash Rewards Credit Card is a good card with which users can easily get the bonus for daily purchases, for example; you can get up to a 3% bonus and discount bonus for redeeming your saving into Bank of America savings or checking account.

New users will get a cash reward of $100 cash bonus if they make at least $ 500 in the first 90 days. Users can manage their cards from the comfort of their home because this card has a web portal on the Bank of America homepage, with which users can; activate the card, pay bills, request additional cards, view transaction history, and update contact information. Use our concise guide below to apply, activate the card, and log in to your credit card account.

Cash Rewards Credit Card

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card


  • You can get 1% returns for each purchase, get 2% returns at grocery stores, or receive a 3% reward for gas. Grocery store/gas rewards are valid for up to $1,500 in grocery/gas quarterly spend.
  • It offers no introductory APR in the first 12 months and an online special $100 bonus after the purchase of at least $ 500 within the first 90-day of account opening.
  • It has no annual fee.
  • A cash advance APR of 15.99%  24.99%, based on your credit scores and type of advance requested.
  • Cash advance fee of either 10% or 3% of the transaction for direct deposit and check cash advances. Users can also pay either 10% or 5% for cash advances.
  • A late payment fee of up to 38 dollars
  • A purchase APR of 12.99% – 22.99%, based on your credit scores.

The Requirements 

The following requirement must be met before applying for this card:

  • You must be at least 18 years.
  • You are to have no bankruptcy record.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Application

Remember to Go to the cards welcome. Check the card details and then click on Apply Now to start the application process.

In a situation where you a recent client of the Bank of America, click on saving time and refill your account. It permits you to have most of your application data automatically given on the data applications according to that existing Bank of America.

Note, If you are not recently a Bank of America user, give your personal details. If you want your statement to be sent to a different address, then, select a message at a different address and enter your e-mail address.

Remember to Give your remaining personal details and click the date of birth and your mother’s maiden name. Select an option on your “Employment and finances” section that best describes your current employment situation.

Also give your total annual revenue of the department, the source of income, level of liquidity of the head office, and the monthly payments.

You can do a balance transfer to your new credit card. Please click on Transfer balance to my new credit card and give your credit card organization, preferred transfer, and account number.

If you want, you can still add a cardholder. To do this, click on Add a cardholder and give cardholders full name, social security number, date of birth, and address.

Under the terms section, click on View as PDF to Save or Print a copy. Read the rules for the payment card to make sure you understand them.

Select the checkbox you have read and accepted the card terms and conditions. Click on Review information. This gives you the best way to check your app and send it to Bank of America for approval and credit transactions.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Login

Go to the Bank of America webpage and look for the Secure Login at the top left of the screen.
Give your Online ID and password in the blank field, then click on Login to access your online account.

If you forgot your login, click on Forgot ID/Forgot password depending on the situation.
To obtain your forgotten Online ID, you are to give your full card number (or your full account number), your full tax identification number (or full social security number) and password. Then, click on Continue and start the recovery procedures.

If you wish to recover your forgotten password, provide your full card number (or your full account number), full tax identification number (or full social security number), and your Online ID and commence the recovery procedures.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Activation

Just like other credit cards this card must be activated before it can use for purchases. So, to do this, call this helpline: 1 (315) 724-4022 or use the web portal, by clicking on Secure Activation” to begin the activation procedures.

If you are making using the web portal, click on Register from the Bank of America webpage.
Continue by entering your full card number (or full account number) and the full Tax identification number (or social security number).

And click on Continue. Also, create an online ID and password, and go through the security configuration, before completing the activation procedures.

Telephone: 1-800-732-9194

Mailing Address: Bank of America PO Box 15019 Wilmington, DE 19886-5019.


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