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Boscov’s Credit Card

This is a decent store card issued by Comenity, demands no yearly fee, and gives the customer 4% cashback, whenever they buy goods of up to $3,000 on Boscov’s store. Although this card has a high APR and can only be used at Boscov’s store.

Also, it gives cash back reward but this is based on your spending so, the more you make purchases the better your chances of getting a reward. You need a fair credit of about 650 to get approved for the card.

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boscov's credit card

Boscov’s credit card

How Does The Boscov’s Credit Card Work

Those customers who are able to make purchases of up to $300, will be given rewards certificates. In addition, a customer’s status can be upgraded as they continue to make purchases. For example, your status can be upgraded to a member of Mr.

B’s Ambassador Club where you can get 1% cash back on purchases of up to $1,499, or the Mr. B’s Star Club which gives you 2% cashback when you make purchases of $2,999 but the least purchases that can be done using this status is $1,500.

Also, you can be upgraded to a member of Mr. B’s Premier Club which gives you 4% cash back on purchases of $3,000 and above yearly.

Furthermore, the rewards offered by this card can be restored through a rewards certificate but,  this can only be used at Boscov’s stores. Also, as a new cardholder, you can be given a 15% discount on qualified purchases.

And as a matter of fact, customers can use both their Boscov’s coupon and Boscov’s rewards certificate for additional saving. While doing this,  do not forget that Boscov’s certificates become obsolete 30 days after it has been issued.
Additionally, users are being given special birthday offers and other exclusive offers on their monthly statements. Not only that, but you can also even be invited to special cardholder appreciation events, get twice your points on purchases of cosmetics and fragrances, then 100 reward points for making purchases on every Boscov’s credit card anniversary month.
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Features of this Card

  • This card has no yearly fee.
  • It has an unsteady APR of 27.24%.
  • To get this card, you are to have a credit score of 650 and above.
  • Boscov’s card gives cash loyalty bonus.
  • No cash sign up bonus and there are no reward limits or maximum reward rate for purchases.
  • You can get 100 points on sign-up bonus points and miles.
  • This card gives no introductory APR on fresh purchases.
  • It gives no signup bonus to its customers.
  • Customers are to pay a minimum interest fee of $1.
  • Sadly, it offers no grace period for late payment.
  • Users are required to make a returned payment fee f $25.
  • And late payment fee of $38.

Advantages of Boscov’s Credit Card

  •  Provided that you make your card payment on time, your credit line may be improved.
  •  Using this card, you are able to make your credit card payment online
  • This Boscov card gives you additional 100 points which can be put forward into the making of some extra purchases, after sign up.
  • Sincerely speaking, this card gives you access to your rewards online. That to say you can effortlessly access your reward online, to know the number of rewards you have.
  • While using this card, customers are being given discounts of 15% on all purchases made on the day of account opening.
  • It has good customer service. That is to say, their customer service representatives are always delighted to assist a customer in whatever aspect that they might need assistance with.
  • It is a card that gives customers access to special birthday offer on their birthdays.
  •  Customers stand a chance of getting twice on purchases made on cosmetics and fragrances.
  • It offers exceptional sales to cardholders.
  •  Above all, customers can get 4% cashback for making purchases with their cards.

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Can A Boscov’s credit card Be Used Anywhere?

Boscov’s rewards gotten can be used in Boscov stores. New cardholders who apply online and get approved for Boscov’s Credit Card can receive up to 15% off any online order that is eligible for that.

Can The Boscov’s credit card Payment Be Made in the store?

If you would like to make a payment or have questions about your billing, call 1-844-271-2778 (TDD / TTY: 1-888-819-1918).
Boscov credit cardholders can pay their credit card bills by mail or online at the company website. Paying Boscov’s credit card account online is can be done at no expense cost and the payment will be posted on the same day if the payment is done at 3 p.m.

How do Boskov’s points work?

You can earn up to 4 points per dollar depending on your level in the club. So use your points for Boscov’s Rewards gift card certificates that work like Boscov’s gift cards.

Application Procedures

The application procedure for this card is very simple.
First, you are to navigate to the Comenity website using the link, click on Apply, and then complete the form by providing the required information.
Remember that your information is to be correctly provided.  So, take care of that before submitting your application.

Boscov’s credit card Login

  • You can assess the login menu using this link
  • Next, enter your login details i.e your Email and then your Password
  • Then click on the Sign-in Tab.

Forgotten/Lost Login details

Click on forget password link seen just below the login menu
Follow the instruction to reset your password

That is all for now. Thanks for choosing our credit card review.

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