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Quick View On American Kennel Club Credit Card – Login Guide

American Kennel Club Credit Card

American Kennel Club Credit Card (AKC) is a card for lovers of dogs that is issued by the Comenity Bank.  The card is primarily intended for American Kennel Club customers.

The American Kennel Club Credit Card an option for those who love to support the AKC thus you get 3x the rewards per dollar spent at the pet stores, vet offices, and AKC, and 2 points on each $1 spent on gas and groceries, and then 1x the points everywhere else Credit is accepted.

The American Kennel Club Credit Card is known for its excellent APR and its grants.

The credit card is rated “good” without an introductory APR fee. The average APR credit card rate is as follows: 22.99%, 18.99%, or 12.98%.

Offers a cash advance of 24.99%. Members pay cash advances fee of around $10 or 5%, whichever is the highest.

American Kennel Club Credit Card does not charge an annual fee to the customer.

Credit card company offers users a secure online portal, which customers can apply for new cards, pay bills by credit card, reset the password, user ID, view account history, etc., all from the comfort of your home or in the office and even on the move.


american kennel club credit card


  • The US Kennel Credit Card offers customers 3 points per dollar spent on purchases at Pet stores, Vet offices, or at dog shows, at the AKC booth and even at American Kennel ClubSM using Mail, phone or online at
  • For every $ 1 spent on purchases made in every other place where a Credit card is accepted.
  • Customers earn 2 reward points on each $ 1 used on gas or food purchases.
  • For every $ 1 spent on purchases, customers earn 2 reward points.
  • Customers can redeem points earned with gift certificates or cargo cards.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Late Payment‎ can be up to $38.

The Requirement For The Application

  • The applicant must be under 18 and over.
  • Candidates must have a very clear credit card.
  • They have to live in America.
  • The applicant must provide his / her social security number
  • The applicant must have a rural route or APO / FPO postal addresses.

How To Apply For American Kennel Club Credit Card

  • To apply for the American Club Credit Card Visit card, visit the home page (d.comenity .net). in the following option, you need to click on “Apply now”.
  • Fill out the application form that will be displayed on the web page with all required personal information after providing the above information, it is important to review and print the terms and conditions of the US Kennel Club card. Click the “Apply Now” button if you accept the terms.

How To Activate American Kennel Club Credit Card

To activate your card, call this card activation number:  1-855-463-0225 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918)

To Check The Status Of The Application

To check the status of the application, customers are advised to contact customer support by calling +919.233.9767

To Close Or Cancel The Application

Cardholders wishing to cancel or close their card must also contact the customer from the customer support line mentioned above.

How To Login To American Kennel Club Credit Card

To access your credit card, visit the home page of your credit card provider (
Enter your username and password and click “Login”.
You forgot your password and username
A user who has forgotten access must log in by clicking on “forgotten password and username”
You will then be redirected to the account verification page where you need to enter:

  • Credit card account number
  • Postal code
  • Type of identification
  • the last four digits of the tax code
    Finally, click on the “Find my account” button to retrieve your username and password.

Bills Payment Online

To pay your bills on your credit card, log in to your credit card using the access steps

As soon as you get to your account dashboard, look for “make payment” and click on it for instructions on how to make a payment.

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