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Amazon KDP account | How to Create a Free Account

Amazon KDP account

Amazon KDP account | How to Create a Free Account
First, open your browser and Go to You can use your already existing account with account to create your Amazon KDP account or you can simply decide to create a brand new account for all your publishing projects.

To create a brand new Amazon KDP account, If you do not have an Amazon account, click on Sign-up and Click on Create a new KDP account. then Enter your full name, your email address, and set your password. Next click on Create your KDP account again.

As a first time user, you will notice the Warning for you to set up your account. If you want to receive the payment, it is important to take the right steps to get the right conditions.

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Amazon KDP account

Amazon KDP account

Read and then accept the KDP (TOS) Terms of Service that open on the screen. You should see and notice the KDP Bookshelf on the screen where all your published electronic books (eBooks) are located.

A warning appears in the upper right corner of the screen that your account information is incomplete; Click on the Update Now link.
Now Enter the KDP account information.

Amazon KDP account

You Will Now Complete Your Amazon KDP Account Information. Fill out the form for your account details, Enter the information required in all the sections:
Company/Publisher Information: If your publishing company has a company name, enter it here. Otherwise, use your full name.

The Company/publisher information only applies to your account, do not enter information about your books – you can choose any name for the author and publisher for each published book as well as different names for publishers. All this can fall under a KDP account; you do not need a separate account for every one of them.

This makes it very easy to publish on different markets and niches with different names of authors and publishers for each of them if you want.

Tax Information: Your tax name is your full name. If you are not an American citizen, but you live in a taxed country in alliance with the United States, you get an individual tax identification number (ITIN) and send the W8-BEN form. If you do not, your royalties will be deducted …

Then you must enter your tax information Then you conduct a simple online interview to determine your bank and tax information. The United States has entered into an agreement with some companies that will ensure that they pay no more than is necessary to sell the books.

To set up bank details, IBAN and BIC bank accounts are required (both are available on your bank statements, if you have questions, you can ask the bank and provide the necessary information).

When you do this, the card fee is deposited directly into your assigned bank account. But as a non-Us citizen if you have the tax info that relates to your country, fill it in or specify as your case may be in the options specified.

Afterward, Click on Save and Continue. Your KDP account is set up. You can now start publishing.


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