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AccountNow Prepaid Card

As a matter of fact, the AccountNow card is one of the old but, popular loadable cards with which users can pay bills and make purchases online. Though, it charges a high fee and comes with a monthly fee of $9.95. This prepaid card review has the necessary information about the AccountNow Prepaid Cards so, continue reading.

AccountNow Prepaid Card.
The AccountNow card are of two types both with direct deposit and demands low fees, we have:

  • AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card
  • AccountNow Prepaid MasterCards

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AccountNow Prepaid Card

AccountNow Prepaid Card

What Do You Need To Know About This Prepaid Card?

It might interest you to know how this card works especially if you have or wish to get one for yourself. Like other prepaid cards, money can be added to an AccountNow card via different methods.

One of these methods is via direct deposit, it is the simplest and least expensive way to add money to your prepaid card. Going by this method, your employer can send your paycheck to your AccountNow card while you check your fund on Paycheck.

With this, you will not have to carry huge cash about and escape check cashing stores since your AccountNow card can be used at ATM.

Using any of the following stores; CVS, Dot, Kroger, USP, Walmart, etc, cardholders can also add money to the AccountNow card. This is possible because, stores like those mentioned above allow the use of Green Dot and Money Gram otherwise known as cash networks, and using such, you can easily transfer cash to a prepaid card.
With your AccountNow prepaid card, you can easily make purchases online, pay for hotel stays, airline tickets, car rental or get gas and even shop where Debit Visa or MasterCard is recognized. Prepaid cards like the AccountNow card are good cards.

It prevents you from carrying cash about and is safer, considering the Visa Zero Liability or the MasterCard Zero Liability with coverage that protects you from unauthorized purchases.

Furthermore, just as your ATM card, it can be used for withdrawal at different ATM locations. You can also escape ATM fees by using your prepaid card at a local grocery store and receive cashback in return like a bank debit card.

Fees Associated with The AccountNow Prepaid Card

Unfortunately, this prepaid card charges high fees and these fees are;

  • It charges a monthly fee of $9.95.
  • With an ATM withdraw fee of at least $2.50.
  • Plus fees for checking the balance at the ATM and requesting a paper statement.
  • However, you as a cardholder can escape these fees since it is the only major setback of the AccountNow prepaid card.

Can This Card Stack Up With Other Cards?

Yes! When you examine its features you will find out that it is competitive though, there are still cards with more features. And the bill pay feature alone is unique.
Besides, there are other prepaid cards on the market that provides high-interest savings accounts while some come with lower fees.

What Must I Do to Get this Card?

Having gotten the necessary information about this prepaid card and you wish to apply for the AccountNow Visa or MasterCard, head directly to the homepage of the AccountNow. Once you get there, see that you complete the online application form.

Note: This is a prepaid card so, no credit check, security deposit, and approval is 100%. Just your direct deposit no upcoming fees or monthly fees. In addition, the AccountNow card costs less compared to most banks if,  we are to consider bank penalties and fees.

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