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Account Now Prepaid Visa Card Review | Application

Account Now Prepaid Visa Card
This is a prepaid card made especially for customers who wish to enjoy the convenience of using a plastic card but, are denied or not eligible for a credit card.  Users can escape interest payments, overdraft fees, and bounced checks because, as a prepaid user you only spend or rather make purchases base on what you have in your account.
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AccountNow Prepaid Card

Account Now Prepaid Visa Card

What we Cherish About this Prepaid Visa Card?

These are the things we like or advantages of this prepaid card.
Users are to pay no monthly fee as they enjoy their cards.
You can easily close your account without paying a dime.
Loading of a prepaid card is free.

What are they Setbacks of this Prepaid Visa Card?

  • This card charges a signature purchase transaction fee of $1.
  • Cardholders are to pay a PIN purchase transaction fee of $1.

Which Bank is in Charge of this Card?

This prepaid Visa card is issued by Green Dot Bank, located at Pasadena, CA, and founded in 1999.

Fees Associated with this Card

As earlier mentioned, it charges you a $1 signature transaction fee whenever a merchant demands a signature-based authentification, $1 for purchases that need a Pinto validate. But, cardholders shall pay no monthly service fee.

Other fees are:

  • You are to pay a card replacement fee of $10 if, needed.
  • Closing of account is free for this prepaid card.
  • For the extra card, you must pay $10.
  • Users can reload their cards freely.
  • It charges a signature purchase transaction fee of $1 when needed.
  • The activation fee for this card is $4.95.
  • No monthly service fee.
  • Cardholders must pay a PIN Purchase Transaction fee of $1, for purchases that require a pin.

At What Cost Can One Get this Card?

Note that this card charges no monthly service fee or reloading fee, giving you an opportunity to save more as a person. So, the Green Dot Bank demands firstly an activation fee before any other fees.

Is there a Set Daily Direct Deposit for this Prepaid Visa Card?

The AccountNow Prepaid visa card has a daily direct deposit limit of $10,000.

How Much Can I Withdraw with this card On Daily Basis?

For this card, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $300.

Is the Activation fee for Real?

Yes! Cardholders must pay an activation fee of $4.95 to have their card activated.

Does this Card Demands a Card Replacement Fee?

To replace your prepaid Visa card, you are to pay a fee of $10.

What About the Maximum Balance?

As a cardholder, you are bound to have a maximum balance of $10,000. Once you are close to this balance then, it is high time you use your money more wisely. You can deposit it in an account that gives you interest in return, like a savings account, a CD, or a money market account.

Account Now Prepaid Visa Card Application

Can One Apply for this Prepaid Visa Card?
Yes! But, first, you are to visit the webpage of this card and complete the online application form, do not hesitate to give only the required personal information and correct any mistake before submitting or sending your application.

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